Monday, September 30, 2019

Running Like the Wind

Brianna Lyons

Running like the wind with Mairead Clas 

“Over the rivers and through the woods . . . and hills and more woods and another river”

 This past weekend 16 girls cross country runners raced this type of extensive course the Ocean State Individual at Goddard Park, Rhode “Island”.

On Friday Afternoon seniors Bella Swan, Noelle Kennedy, Quincy Balanoff, Suzanna Alliegro, Lily Johnston and Brianna Lyons, juniors Georgia Sheehan and Sally Boucher, sophomores Mairead Class, Lauren Blake, Leighton Gajawani, Julianne Teitler, Lila DeGennaro and Hope Johnson, as well as freshman Charlotte Moody and Avery Johnson all travelled to Rhode Island.

Over 100 teams competed at the Ocean State Invitational. Darien was one of only five Fairfield County teams to compete on Saturday. Darien raced in three out of the four cross country races provided for girls. The course consisted of 3 miles worth of hills, mud and lots of rocks.

“It was definitely a very tricky course, but fun” freshman Avery Johnson, said.

Seven Darien girls competed in the Junior Varsity race. With Hope Johnson coming in 35th and Lily Johnston coming in 37, Darien ended by placing 8th out of 26 teams in the Girls Cross Country JV race.

“We all worked pretty hard” freshman Charlotte Moody, said. Charlotte Moody placing 26th and Julianne Teitler placing 48th.

Darien ended by placing 10th out of 26 teams that competed. However, Darien had only one runner compete in the championship race and that was Mairead Class. With a time of 19.03 minutes, Mairead placed 14th in the race.

 However, since the team only had one girl running the race, the Wave were not ranked. After a successful weekend at Rhode Island, the Darien Girls Cross Country team is ready to take on New Canaan on Wednesday October 2, at Norwalk High School.