Friday, December 22, 2017

Boys Hockey Loses to Fairfield Prep

By Hugh Hearns

The Darien boys varsity hockey team lost 5-2 at Fairfield Prep on Wednesday night. At the end of the first period, Prep lead 1-0, Darien close behind and even looking threatening at times. However, during the second period, It all began to unravel for the Blue Wave. Prep put up multiple goals in the period as Darien could only muster one tally by sophomore Robbie Stewart. As the third period winded on it seemed all Fairfield Prep, but then Hudson Pokorny scored from the left circle and gave Darien some hope to give one final push at making a close game. Disappointingly for the Wave, they were unable to beat Fairfield Prep’s goalie for a third time, losing 5-2. Come support the Wave in their home opener against rival New Canaan on Saturday at 10 am at Darien Ice Rink.

Junior defenseman James Gregory makes a pass. (Courtesy DAF) 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Boys Track Places High in Two Events

By Amelia Fordyce

The boy’s track team were at two events on December 16th; The Reindeer Relays and the New Haven Invitational. At the New Haven invite, Alex Klarer finished in 2nd with a time of 4:40 in the 1600m event. Griffin Ott finished in 11th place in the 1600m with a time of 4:51. Jack O’Keefe finished in 13th place with time of 4:53. Lucas Madariaga finished 3rd in the freshmen 1600m with a time of 5:08. Oliver Knight finished in 13th place in the 600m with a time of 1:31. In the Reindeer Relays, Kayin Chisolm finished in 2nd in the high jump. Cameron Raia finished 1st in the long jump and 5th in the high jump. Kieran Daly also finished  5th in the high jump.

Senior Hayden Edwards runs hard in a meet last season. (Courtesy DAF)
The next meet is the Winter Relays at Hillhouse High School on December 23rd. Don’t miss it!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

11/12 House Ball Power Rankings: Week One

By Will Pegler

Per usual, week one of house basketball was fairly unusual. With some football players (shoutout 3rd state championship in a row and best team in CT I don’t care what anyone says) missing from teams there were some surprising upsets and some wacky games, but it was a fun week of house ball nonetheless. Here are where the teams stand after week one.

() indicates previous ranking; [] indicates record

1.Cavaliers (3) [2-0]
I don’t think this team is going to win it all this year, but because they won their first two games and for the margin of victory they deserve the number one spot for this week. Justin vun da gruf is obviously very good at basketball and was the leader for the Cavs this week and will be for the rest of the season. Justin and the rest of the squad won big in their first game 60-34 against the Hornets and put up 50 against the Spurs on Sunday. This high powered offense should be scary all season, as Alex Murray is certainly a big time scorer and the two Blake’s (Sommi and Cellar) athletic ability gives them the chance to score at any moment. The Cavs are obviously a good team, but other squads will certainly give them a run for their money. The number one spot should be up for grabs every week.

2 Nets (2) [2-0]
Under the leadership of Jack “Javier” Tierney, the Nets have proved that their high preseason ranking was no fluke. Will Rooney has been a beast for this team so far and, I know he doesn’t like me calling him this, but the kid is a psycho on the court and I love it. His hair flies through the air and gets in his face when he jumps, but he truly does not let it bother him and just balls out. Speaking of hair, the Nets other big man Alex Phillips has played well for this team so far and will need to continue to grab rebounds if they wants to stay at a high spot. People may be upset with this ranking, considering the Nets only beat the Suns by three when they were missing like five kids from their team, but I don’t really care. When you have David Volz at point guard and have a gritty play style like the Nets do, you deserve a high ranking. ALSO, Jack Tierney is willing to coach for other teams and would like to be paid in pints of Cherry Garcia ice cream, his favorite flavor.

3.Knicks (6) [2-0]
Craig Triano and the rest of the Knicks squad balled out in week one. Good shooting from the field and hustle defense were the name of the game for this team, and if they can keep that going they will be a contender come playoff time. Other than Triano, Cam Raia was a big part of this team’s two wins and looks to be a key player for the rest of the regular season. Despite strong shooting, I think this team’s problem could end up being a lack of size, but Jackson Mcnear will look to do all he can to play big for this squad. It should also be noted that Craig Triano has been really confident of late, and I’ll be the first to tell you that a confident Triano is the last thing you want to be playing against. I recommend someone knocks his lunch out of his hands or something in the cafeteria just to bring him back down to earth and help the rest of the league out.

4.Suns (1) [0-2]
I know the Suns are 0-2, but as I said earlier, they were missing an absurd amount of players in their first game and only lost by three, a very encouraging sign. If this team can bring that same sense of fight to every game this season, they will be scary. Players like Connor Percarpio are willing to do unimaginable things to get into the minds of the other team and make them overthink things, and the sheer size that Teddy Brannigan and Willie Keating bring to the table are two factors that make this team a contender. The talent doesn’t end there, though, as players like Max Grant and Glen Fay are great ball handlers and solid shooters that will be very tough to guard.

5.Celtics (9) [2-0]
Yeah, I put a 2-0 team behind an 0-2 team, crazy right? Not really. First of all, these guys beat my team (the Warriors) on Sunday so they’re a bunch of jerks. Secondly, their other win came against a Jack Joyce-less (played quarterback instead) Rockets team. Tommy Hellman has definitely come strong on the scene along with Nathan Hadlow, but let’s see what happens this week before I put them too high in the rankings.

6.Hornets (7) [1-1]
After a tough loss to the Cavs on Wednesday night, the Hornets were back to full strength with big man Mike Neary on Sunday and had a big come from behind victory over the Rockets. John Gianatassio has played very strong at point guard for this team so far, while Mike Neary dominated in the paint in his first game with help from Harry Rayhill (still the best hair in the league). If Gianatassio continues to play well and the Neary-Rayhill duo continue to play strong in the paint, this team will get hot. Lastly, if Mike Neary doesn’t win player of the year it’s a travesty, so go vote for him at the Ruden Report (

7.Rockets (4) [0-2]
As I mentioned earlier, the Rockets played without MVP candidate Jack Joyce on Wednesday night along with Andrew Lucas, so they could very well be 1-1 right now. The Rockets need Joyce to be their man this year if they want to go anywhere, but Andrew Lucas will also need to make strong contributions as he is a fantastic athlete as well. Tommy “The Red Rocket” Reilly has been a solid big man for the team so far but will have a lot of competition to deal with at that position within the rest of the league. Timmy Egan will also look to contribute from the three point line as well as the swag department, as he rocked a headband like no one else could on Sunday.

8.Spurs (8) [1-1]
This team is centered around the three point ball, something that is very risky in house basketball. That beat my team on Wednesday night when we forgot we didn’t have to play zone and Jack Cronin hit no less than 10 threes. The kid was wearing a long sleeve shirt under his jersey and didn’t even break a sweat. As I said last week, Cronin looks and plays a whole lot like Tim Riggins, without a care in the world. Gotta love that. Fin Batson and Max Gasvoda are also solid shooters that will make it difficult for other teams to guard them this year.

9.Warriors (5) [0-2]
Alright so this is my team. We’ve clearly stumbled out of the gate, but I’d like to point out that Kevin Grune has yet to play a game for us this year and Coach Hutch Pegler was not there on Sunday. When we are at full strength I think we will be a force to be reckoned with, but I also know nothing about basketball. In all seriousness though, Connor Olson has been a great defender for us so far this year while Charlie Olson and Will Rehm have been strong on offense. I also hit two threes on Sunday so I’ve clearly proven that I’m a Big Baller. Jack Gordon has also been a beast, while Nick Casciari and Paul Ridder have played very gritty. Henry Nolte has also grabbed a ton of boards so far and has proven himself as a big man. Stay woke on the Warriors.

10.Raptors (10) [0-2]
Players such as Andrew Donovan and Cole Stevenson have played pretty well for this squad so far despite not getting a win yet. On defense, Charlie Baylis and Dillon O’Shea have hustled for loose balls and made plays. Due to these factors, I think this team will start to climb in the rankings. I also have no idea who this Tallis kid is so that’s all I have to say about the Raptors.

Week One Awards:

The “Get Out of My Head” Award: Connor Percarpio

Big Man of the Week: Mike Neary

Defensive Player of the Week: Connor Olson

Perspiration King: Tommy Murphy

League Flirt: Craig Triano

Girls Hockey Wins First Game of the Season

By Sarah-Jane Clarke

On December 11th, Darien Girls Varsity Hockey had their first game against West Haven. The girls had a great start to the season, winning 4-1. This game is the first glance at the teams great unity and success. The team’s new sophomore goalie Hallie Kreppein did a great job keeping the puck out of the net and new young players such as freshmen Nelle Kniffen, Kate Bellissimo and Catherine Martin were strong on the ice. All new members have proven to be great additions to the team and upperclassman players are coming out stronger than ever.

Captain and senior Sally Cassidy commented on the game, “We played really well for our first game and we were really happy with the outcome.”

The girls next game is on Tuesday, December 19th at Darien Ice Rink versus Morristown-Beard at 4:50 pm. Be sure to show up and support the team to see their great teamwork early on in the season!

Senior captain Kathleen Tropsa skates hard in a game last season. (Courtesy DAF) 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Blue Wave Football Captures Third State Title in a Row

By Will Pegler

This past Saturday, December 9th at Boyle Stadium in the snow, the Blue Wave football team knocked off the undefeated Greenwich Cardinals in the Class LL state championship, beating them 31-22.

Jack Joyce celebrates his big touchdown run 
The wave's high powered offense struck early and often from all angles, the first score coming from a Jack Joyce pass caught with one hand by junior Tyler Herget that was later featured on ESPN's Top 10 plays.  The defensive unit made easy work of quarterback Gavin Muir and the rest of the Greenwich offense, quickly getting the ball back to the Wave. Senior quarterback Jack Joyce was soon able to take advantage of a huge hole created by the offensive line and went untouched for a 40 yard scamper to the end zone, putting Darien on top 14-0.

The Greenwich offense was finally able to gain some momentum and score a touchdown, but the score was soon countered when (guess who!) Jack Joyce threw a 25 yard lob pass to junior TJ Cornacchia on a beautifully run hitch-and-go route, right in front of the elated Darien student section.

Greenwich wide receiver Jael Negron made a leaping catch late in the second quarter to put the game back within one possession, but the Cardinals failed two point conversion left the score at 21-13 in Darien's favor.

The student section erupts after
TJ Cornacchia's big time
touchdown grab. (Courtesy DAF) 
With one second left in the first half, junior linebacker Connor Fay scooped up a dropped snap by the Greenwich punter and leapt into the end zone, that is, everyone thought so besides the referee. After this questionable call, the Wave went into the locker room leading 21-13.

The second half of this game can be described in one word, gritty. As the snow started to fall even harder both offenses started to struggle to hold onto the ball, as points came at a premium for both sides. Oddly enough, kicking became a huge part of the game, and senior kicker Austin Hagander came up huge for the Wave. Hagander knocked in all four of his extra points and was able to hit a huge 36 yard kick late in the game, looking like Adam Vinateri of the Indianapolis Colts.

The Cardinals scored nine points in the second half, coming from three big time boots by their kicker. Despite this, the Wave's defense was relentless. Seniors Alex Dehmel, Peter Guttusso, and Connor Tienken led the secondary and gave no room for Greenwich wide outs to make plays. The defensive line was also unbelievable, as seniors Mike Neary, Charlie Zuro, and Sean O'Malley were constantly getting into the backfield and putting pressure on Greenwich's quarterback Muir.

The Wave held the lead for the entirety of the game, but Greenwich was able to hang around for most of it. The finishing touches were finally made when Darien's fearsome d-line sacked Muir and forced the Cardinals to turn the ball over on downs, allowing senior running back Mitch Pryor to truck his way into the end zone for the final score.

There were obviously a lot of distractions for this team to deal with throughout the state playoff and in the weeks prior. But the Blue Wave were able to block out all the noise coming from all directions and just play ball. Credit goes out to the entire team, especially the seniors, for being able to come together and prove why they're still the number one team in the state.

Senior captain Mike Neary was extremely proud of the squad, he said; "We just believed in ourselves and kept each other in our hearts. We played for each other and made it happen."

Senior Mitch Pryor, also a captain, shared Neary's sentiments; "The team pulled together in an unimaginable way. I couldn't be more proud of how we played next man up so well. How we played with more motivation and heart than every single opponent."

In other state playoff news: as the Wave captured their third straight state title, the New Canaan Rams lost to Masuk 28-14 in the Class L state semifinals.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Girls Basketball Preview

By Taylor Davis

The DHS Girls Varsity Basketball Team had a decent season last year finishing with a record of 10 and 10. The team hopes to make it to FCIAC'S this year and is led by captains Christine Fiore, Hailey King, and Katie Ramsay.

The team does not have a lot of rebuilding to do as they only lost one senior from last year, Megan Hobbs. While they only lost one senior, Hobbs was a great asset to the team, and they will greatly miss her beaming personality.

“Hobbs was great at keeping everyone positive and building team chemistry. Her warm presence is surely missed this year,” Captain Katie Ramsay said. 

The team is led by a new coach this year, coach Melba. Melba proves to be a great addition to the team as she has had a lot of experience coaching and playing at Georgetown University.

“We have already seen a great difference under Coach Melba’s supervision and hope to continue to use her expertise,” Ramsay said.

Come out and support the Varsity Girls Basketball Team in their first game against Norwalk at 5:30 p.m. in the DHS Main Gym!

Senior captain Katie Ramsay goes up for a layup last season. (Courtesy DAF)

Monday, December 4, 2017

11/12 Preseason House Ball Rankings

By Will Pegler

America’s greatest pastime is set to return this week. There is really nothing like house basketball. March Madness, the World Series, or even the Stanley Cup Playoffs pale in comparison to the competitive spirit and will to win in this beautiful sport. As everyone knows, the rankings are a huge part of the league and are taken seriously by all players. I’ve done the rankings since my sophomore year, but I plan on this year being the best. I’m going to do them weekly and plan on giving a new award each week. If you have any ideas for awards, let me know. ALSO, if any sophomores or freshman want to write the rankings for the 9th/10th grade league, please let me know, as the rankings are a long storied tradition that I’d like to keep going.

Without further adieu, here are the Preseason Rankings for 11/12th grade house ball.

This is a stacked team to say the least. Cousins Teddy Brannigan and Willie Keating are two massive human beings that will be rebound and defensive machines for this squad. Guards Bruce Ferguson and Max Grant are also two key players that look to hit some shots and feed Keating and Brannigan down low. Glen Fay is also an underrated player who has the ability to knockdown big time threes. The Suns are extremely well rounded and will be a nightmare for opposing teams defensively. Apparently, though, they will be missing Keating, Grant, and Ferguson for their first game because of a conflict with another sport. If anyone can tell me what sport is more important than house basketball, I’d love to know. Without these three stars, the Suns will need to look for contributions from players like Connor Percarpio, a house ball veteran whose wisdom and “Coach K like” basketball IQ could be huge for this team down the stretch.

On the website it says the Nets coach is Guy Phillips, but I’ve heard reports that the real head coach for this team will be Dickinson bound Jack Tierney, or as I like to call him, “The Red Devil”, or as others like to call him, “Cherry Garcia” (it’s his favorite icecream flavor). Under the leadership of Tierney, a varsity basketball captain (lol what a waste of time), this team could definitely put together a strong season. Similar to the Suns, they have guys that can do pretty much everything for them. They have two great big men in Alex Phillips and Will Rooney, both of whom are psychos and will do anything to win. They also have, in my opinion, the best defensive player in the league Connor Tienken. Tienken is a starting cornerback for the football team and, despite getting “mossed” against East Hartford, got two interceptions in the Wave’s last game against West Haven. David Volz will play point guard for this squad, while Hank Rech will be an emotional leader for them. Don’t sleep on Nolan Crosby, either, who knocks down 3’s like it’s his job.

The Cavs are poised to make noise this year with a few standout names as well as some strong hustle players. Justin Van de Graaaaaaaaafz (can’t spell this kid’s last name) will be this team’s most important player as the starting point guard and best shooter, but production will come from many others. Alex Murray is a player that has the ability to drive to the hoop and knock down foul shots, while the two Blake’s, Blake Cellar and Blake Sommi, will provide some great defense for this team. Mac Mclean and Cason Stone will also add value as two solid all around athletes. The Cavs also possess two of the most electric personalities in the league in Cole Armstrong and Matt Stone. Stone and Armstrong are a couple of funny fellas who will be able to keep the team loose and have fun throughout the season.

To be completely honest with you guys, other than the first three teams the league is very balanced this year, so the rest of the rankings will be fairly random and are all toss ups. I decided to put the Rockets at 4 mainly because of Jack Joyce. Joyce is one of the best players in this league and will have to play great this year if this team wants to make a run. Andrew Lucas is also key for this team, an athletic specimen, Lucas plays running back for the football team and has no problem running defenders over. If he is able to use this strength in house ball, the Rockets could go places. Other than Joyce and Lucas, this team will look for some hustle and production from players such as Tommy Reilley, Timmy Egan, and Tyler Russo.

This is my team, so I decided to throw us right in the middle to not cause any controversy out of the gate. When I saw this roster, the first word that came to mind was gritty, because that is how this team is going to have to play this season. I say this because we definitely lack size, but also have a lot of talent, our top two players being Kevin Grune and Charlie Olsen. Henry Nolte will have to play big for the squad, as he is the tallest dude on the team, while Will Rehm and Connor Olson will have to add some value in the hustle department and nail the occasional 3 pointer. In terms of how I add value to this team, I’ll play some solid defense and probably hit a 3 once in awhile, but overall I’m just a really Big Baller. Jack Gordon will also be important for this team in terms of swagger. My dad, Hutch Pegler, is coaching this team. He’s made it clear that he has no basketball knowledge or any idea how he’s going to run the team, but I have confidence that he will get the job done, he’s also a pretty Big Baller.

This team gets the 6 spot simply because of the man himself, Craig Triano. Craig, Craig, Craig…. what a fella. The guy nails mid-range jumpers all day, eats nothing but pizza (friends call him “Pizza Boy”), and is a handsome devil. Triano is what some may call a renaissance man, as his interests and talents span far and wide, from pizza to cool shoes, Craig can do it all. Other than Pizza Boy, the Knicks have a lot of talent in players like Cameron Raia and Jack Bogan, both of whom have the ability to play point guard and shoot the ball well. Jackson Mcnear adds some size and aggressiveness to this squad, making them a real contender this season.

The name of the game for this team will be size. The Hornets will have to rely largely on play from tall guy Michael “The Bicycle” Neary, who has the ability to fight hard on the glass for rebounds and blocks. Neary’s partner in crime will be Harry Rayhill, another tough big man who remains to have the best hair in the league. John Gianattasio and AJ Arledge will also have to play well this season if the Hornets want to find success. Arledge is especially important to this team as he has the ability to play as a guard or down low near the hoop. The Hornets could be a contender if these pieces come together.

This is a team that could definitely fly under the radar in the regular season but make noise in the playoffs. Max Gasvoda, Fin Batson, and Sean Collins all have the ability to play guard for this team and could all get hot from the field at any moment. The Spurs big man will be Will Wilson. Wilson is a super tall kid who hopes to get boards and feed the ball out to the playmakers. Another strong player for this team is Jack Cronin. Outside of his basketball abilities, Cronin has been come to known as a poor man’s Tim Riggins, the fullback from the beloved tv show “Friday Night Lights”. Tim Riggins was an absolute beast, so if Cronin can play anything like him then the Spurs are in good shape.

Two of this squad’s key players will be Tommy Hellman and TJ Cornachia. I don’t know these guys very well as they are both juniors, but I know they both have some athletic ability, Hellman being a lacrosse player (I’ve been told, not 100 % sure) and Cornachia a wide receiver on the football team (that I’m sure of). Despite not having one “MVP type” player, this team has one of the deepest rosters in the league. One name that pops out quickly is house ball’s resident Canadian, Nathan Hadlow. Hadlow is a solid shooter and is probably the nicest player in the league. You can thank Hadlow’s Canadian upbringing as the reason for his positive attitude; some have even said that you can hear him say “Sorry, eh?” after every shot he takes. The team’s big man will be Chuck Zuro, while Alex Dehmel looks to add even more athleticism to this squad. The Celtics also have the Sullivan brothers, Ryan and Connor, two guys who I would not cross and are willing to throw punches for their teammates.

As I said earlier, the team’s are very balanced this year, so this last place ranking could be completely false after this week’s games are played. As of now, though, the Raptors stand at tenth mainly because I don’t know their first rounder, Nicholas Tallis. I’m assuming Tallis is a junior who I’m not aware of, but if he is ridiculously talented and I just don’t know somebody please correct me. Cole Stevenson and Dillon O’Shea will be two solid players for this team, both of whom are good athletes and can make plays on offense and defense. Charlie Baylis is also on this squad. Baylis is a guy who, if you don’t know by now, never stops hustling and is the true definition of a team player. If the Raptors start their season off strong this week with a win they will definitely start to climb in the rankings.

Preseason Awards
MVP: Jack Joyce

Coach of the Year: Paul Hadlow

Defensive Player of the Year: Connor Tienken

Guy Who’s Not in the League Anymore But Was Really Sweaty: Tommy Murphy

Familiar Territory as the Blue Wave Advance to a Third Straight State Championship

By Jack Tierney

On Sunday, December 3rd the Darien varsity football team took down West Haven. The Blue Wave won 27-13 in what was a fairly close affair. West Haven’s electric rushing attack was brought to halt by Darien’s signature defense.

Despite a few big plays the Wave defensive front was stout. Standouts Connor Tienken, Connor Fay, and Alex Dehmel led the way and held West Haven in check. Normally the defensive backs and linebackers are used to playing coverage for a large portion in the game but with West Haven’s “Navy-Army-Air Force-Georgia Tech” style offense they had to be constantly working against the run.

Amidst the latest controversy senior quarterback Jack Joyce shined. He had 3 total touchdowns and showed true leadership. Senior cornerback Connor Tienken said this about his teammate, “He came out and showed why he’s the best quarterback in the FCIAC. I’m glad our defense could help him out.” Darien took care of business and showed why they are the undisputed best team in the state.

This game means a state championship appearance for the third state year and truly displays the dominance Rob Trifone has had as a coach. They face Greenwich with everything on the line next Saturday, Boyle Stadium, at 11 A.M.

 Senior Jack Joyce getting help from Junior T.J. Cornacchia on a run. These two had beautiful chemistry all day and even connected on a 25 yard score early in the game.

Boys Hockey Preview

By Cole Armstrong

The Boys of the Darien Ice Hockey team are riled up and ready to make this season better than their last. They had an admirable standing last year of six wins and four losses with one overtime loss but they unfortunately didn't qualify for states or FCIAC's.

“I think last season was a bit of a tough year,” says Fin Batson, a notable defensemen. “But a lot of younger players got a lot of exposure to the varsity level and helped our growth coming into this (current) season."

This year the team, led by captains Will Dickson (Forward), Connor McCarthy, and Hunter Hazelton (Defenseman) are looking for redemption. They’ve trained vigorously for the past three months under the instruction of Coach Budd whose been described as tough but fair and knows how to motivate his players.

Tryouts start this December 2nd followed by their first scrimmage against St. John’s Prep in Middletown, Massachusetts
Senior Carr Noonan skates hard in a game last season. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Boys Swimming Preview

By Scotty Tuck

The Boys Swimming Season begins with its first practice on Monday, December 4. The team, which was formally comprised of 22 swimmers and 4 divers, now consists of 29 swimmers and 3 divers. This year’s team is not much different than last year’s, having only lost three seniors, but gaining multiple freshmen and sophomores. The boys also recently gained a new coach in Liz Blau, coach of the Darien YMCA Piranhas.

Sophomore Connor Martin in the 100 meter Butterfly 
A new coach and some young faces could be the recipe for success in BWSD’s upcoming season. The team, lead by senior captains Kevin Grune, Alex Dehmel, Chris Zhang, Connor Henry, and Brendan Ross is looking to be very promising. There is a lot of depth within the team, as well as a large number of newcomers whose presence on the team will be very beneficial. Similar to last year, the now 10th grade class seems to be one of the main sources of the team’s depth and strength, especially with the three sophomore newcomers to the team, whose addition rises the number of sophomores from 8 to 11. Sophomore newcomers Nico Clark and Conway Zhou are two swimmers who will help contribute to the team’s versatility, as Clark will be able to fill positions in both Breastroke and sprint Freestyle events, while Zhou can swim Butterfly, Freestyle, and Individual Medley.

Last year’s season was decent, yet disappointing for BWSD, coming off of a 7-3 season and placing 5th at FCIAC’s, 3rd at Class L’s, and 11th at State Opens. This incoming team is much different however, larger and more diverse, the team has quite a good shot at an undefeated season, as powerhouses such as Greenwich and New Canaan are suffering heavily from the loss of their many talented senior swimmers. The boys also have a high chance of taking first at Class L’s, taking down the previously victorious New Canaan team. Regarding the upcoming season, Senior Captain Chris Zhang was quoted saying, “Last year our team was young, but in the past our boys have been working extremely hard, and this year we have a team that could potentially win States.” The first meet of the season will take place on Saturday, December 16, at Norwalk High School.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Darien Wrestling Preview

By Hugh Hearns

The Winter sports season is upon us again, and sports like Ice Hockey and Basketball immediately come into mind, as they are the most popular teams in the school. Everyone follows their seasons, but meanwhile there are unsung athletes that don’t perform in front of a sea of cheering classmates. One such team is the Darien High School Wrestling team, who while they are not as welly known as the hockey, and basketball teams put in just as much time training to prepare to perform in big games. While they went a disappointing 0-7 to finish at the bottom of the East Division last year, the team remains optimistic about their chances to have a better season this year. Wrestling is a growing sport in our school and in state wide competition, as our team had great freshman participation last year. The wrestling team hopes to continue to grow and become a force to be reckoned with on the state level in the near future. The future of wrestling in Darien High School is bright, and there is nowhere to go but up.

The wrestling team kicks off it’s 2017-2018 season on the 13th of December, away at Morgan High School. Good luck to the team, and go Blue Wave!
Senior Brandon Yarish eyes his opponent in a match last season. (Courtesy DAF) 

Girls Hockey Preview

By Emma Love

The upcoming season for the girl’s hockey team is underway as tryouts took place in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Five practices and an alumni game later, the team will make its first showing at the Shelton Jamboree this upcoming Saturday, December 2nd.
At the first try-out last Monday (with an early 5:30 a.m. start!), there were a lot of freshmen hitting the ice with the hopes of wearing the Darien jersey. This large amount of freshmen is much greater than  the number of players trying out for the team in past years, leading to significant cuts that haven’t been made prior.

The senior class last year were comprised of only three players and a goalie. This year’s senior class consists of Corinne Bevill, Sally Cassidy, Lindsey Ferreira, Emma Love, Elise Maro, and Kathleen Tropsa. Coupled with a strong junior class, the upperclassmen will certainly live up to the high expectations set by past successes. The underclassmen have also readily proven their ability to play varsity hockey, the freshmen this year in particular rising to the challenge.

“We have a bunch of new players and they will contribute a lot to our success. I’m really looking forward to a great season and hopefully winning states and FCIACs,” senior captain Elise Maro said.
Coming off of an impressive 16-4 record last year, the team is working hard to continue to play smart hockey, deliver more wins, and have an overall successful season. 

Darien celebrates after scoring a goal against Greenwich last season. (Courtesy DAF)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Ski Team Preview 2017-18 Season

By Amelia Fordyce

  The new ski season is going to be amazing! Last season the girl’s team lost at FCIACS (12-1) but this season they want to win. The team has a number of great skiers. The captains of the girl’s team are Devin Hart and Sammy Berry. The captains of the boy’s teams are Jack Lowitz and Alex Barlow. Although they may have lost last season, the girl’s team is determined to bounce back: “We have a strong girls team this year and many new athletes joining our team” says Lane Anderson. The first time trials are going to be on December 14th and the first race will happen around mid-January. All ski team events are at Mt. Southington in Southington, CT. Join the ski team if you’re interested!

The team prepares for a meet last season. (Courtesy DAF)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Blue Wave Football Loses First Turkey Bowl in Six Years; 27-0

By Will Pegler

I think everyone knows about the outside factors that went on with this game. Obviously what happened was unfortunate, but this blog will simply discuss what happened at the game and nothing else.

Sophomore Peter Graham was thrust into the starting role at quarterback, making the game his first varsity start. For Graham and the rest of the Blue Wave, the game started out tough and never really got any better. On the first offensive play, Graham threw a pass intended for senior Alex Dehmel that was intercepted and taken back for a New Canaan touchdown. Despite this score though, the Wave held strong in the first half, only allowing New Canaan a field goal and going into the locker room down 10-0.

Unfortunately, the Blue Wave's offensive struggles continued in the second half and were unable to score any points. Senior running back Mitch Pryor ran hard all day and picked up some big yards, but the Wave were unable to sustain any meaningful drives. Graham did all he could at quarterback, doing his best to stay composed in his first start ever, but the learning curve was simply too large against such a strong team like New Canaan.

Junior Connor Fay led the defensive unit, as they were able to stop the Rams from doing too much damage. Seniors Kevin Grune and Connor Tienken made some big plays as well on the defensive side of the ball. The Rams did not play extremely well on offense, they were just able get the ball very frequently because of how well their defense played.

Towards the end of the game, junior Cooper Hancock came in at quarterback and did his best to make plays for the Wave. The team played incredibly hard and did all they could, but it simply felt as if they were playing with one hand tied behind their back.

Overall, this was a tough game for the Wave. New Canaan clearly did all they could on and off the field to get the win.

Senior Alex Dehmel returns a kickoff 

Girls' Indoor Track 2017 Preview

By Carson Halabi

The Wave Girls’ Indoor Track team is looking to be one of the best we’ve had in several years. There are many strong juniors and seniors, and the team is intimate in its relatively small numbers compared to the outdoor season. On the sprinting side, hurdling specialist and senior captain Abigail Cragin is sure to dominate. She has been out on the track for weeks already, putting in the preseason work with her teammates, including junior Wren Stewart, senior Rory Washecka, senior captain Erica Blaze and sophomore Tess Keating. All of these girls are looking to have a strong season, starting right in building stamina for faster and longer workouts as we approach December 4th, the first day of the season. Former cross country captain KC Grady, although just coming off a competitive season of distance running, is back on the track with Coach Ott. Grady, an elite 100 meter sprinter, who finished as one of the best in the state last outdoor season, hopes to push herself further in her senior season.

On the distance side, there is the same close-knit and very fast group of girls that have dominated the track for two years. This group includes senior captains Kerry Blatney and Kimmy Olvany, and juniors Cameron Appleby, Marley Garfield, and Daphne Cutler. Watch out for these powerhouses as they look to qualify for the FCIAC and State times as early as they can this season.

The Wave also welcomes Coach Sophie Long as a new addition to the team. A former Wave runner, and a former varsity runner at Trinity College, Long has just what it takes to succeed as a coach on this team. We look forward to her role this upcoming season. If you’re searching for a sport to keep you in shape and competitive this winter, join BWTF on their first day of practice, December 4th. We’ll be seein ya.

Senior captain Abigal Craigin with her eyes on the prize as she jumps the last hurdle in the 50 meter hurdling event. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wave Girls Soccer Falls Short in State Championship Game

By Ellie Nelson

On November 15, Wave Girls Soccer lost in a heartbreaking Class LL state tournament semi-final game to Staples,  2-3. The game was played following an incredible upset over Sheffield, the previous number one seed in the tournament.

More than halfway through the game, Darien was facing a two point shut out deficit and  senior captain and goalie Christine was benched for an injury off which Staples scored their second goal.

The seniors pose together on senior day 
Despite this, the team did not go down without a fight. Senior captain and striker Katie Ramsay scored two goals toward the end of the game, but it was not enough to defeat the Wreckers. A player from Staples ended it in the last two minutes with a game winning goal, and their team will advance to play Ridgefield in the Class LL championship this weekend.

“Obviously we are disappointed but I also couldn’t be more proud of what we have accomplished. The whole team gave it our all and there’s not much more we could have asked for. To make it to the semi-finals was even amazing,” said senior Cassidy Duffy.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Darien Football Beats Bridgeport Central

By Henry Rech

Senior Charlie Zuro puts pressure on the quarterback earlier this season. (Courtesy DAF) 
Darien pulled out another crushing defeat against Bridgeport Central on Saturday November 11th. The final score of the game was 49-0 with 42 of the Blue Wave’s points coming in the first half. The game was originally scheduled to be played at night but due to the fact that the lights in the stadium were not working the game was rescheduled for 10:30 AM, a preview for the Turkey Bowl. 

The game was a defensive slaughter fest, as the Darien defense came up with another shutout. Senior defensive tackle, Charlie Zuro, said ¨We did not overlook them, which allowed us to predict the play pre snap (before the play started) and fill up the holes.” The Wave D was suffocating all day long coming up with a big fumble recovery for a touchdown early in the game that set the tone for a blowout.

Jack Joyce finished with 4 touchdowns, 2 of them were caught for touchdowns by Max Grant in his first game back from injury. Good luck to the Blue Wave team in the rest of their season.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Varsity Field Hockey Moves on in the State Tournament

By Sarah-Jane Clarke

Girls varsity field hockey took on Hall on Tuesday, November 8th at the DHS Stadium field. The team got a big win, ending the game at 6-0. Scoring one of the six goals was senior and captain Kendall Wisinski who was back and stronger than ever after her recent injury.

The team was tremendously forceful, keeping Hall’s offense away from their goal and its defense hard at work. Wisinski commented on the team's success this season and the superb teamwork it showed in this game, “There were six goals scored today from six different players. I think that just goes to show how we don’t solely rely on one person, instead we play as a unit. If we come together in the upcoming games like we have the past few games, we can definitely go all the way.” With over 10 wins and only 1 loss, the team is sure to stay strong as the season comes to an end.
Several players jump for joy after one of their six goals in the shutout win. 

The team feels very prepared for the upcoming games and is ready to take on Norwalk again on either November 10 or 11. Be sure to stop by at the DHS Stadium Field for the game and see their brilliant teamwork on the field for yourself.

Three Darien Girls Swim Towards FCIAC Championships

By Nina Rodriguez

On​ ​November​ ​1st,​ ​the​ ​Girl’s​ ​Swim​ ​and​ ​Dive​ ​Team​ ​competed​ ​at​ ​the​ ​FCIAC​ ​time​ ​trial​ ​at
Greenwich​ ​High​ ​School​ ​against​ ​all​ ​all​ ​Fairfield​ ​County​ ​teams.​ ​Three​ ​Darien​ ​girls​ ​qualified​ ​for​ ​the actual​ ​FCIAC​ ​tournament:​ ​juniors​ ​Cassie​ ​Maroney​ ​and​ ​Lauren​ ​Picard​ ​and​ ​senior​ ​Brielle Racanelli.
Maroney​ ​qualified​ ​for​ ​the​ ​50​ ​meter​ ​freestyle,​ ​100​ ​freestyle,​ ​200​ ​medley​ ​relay,​ ​and​ ​400​ ​free relay.​ ​Picard​ ​is​ ​competing​ ​in​ ​the​ ​100​ ​meter​ ​backstroke,​ ​and​ ​Racanelli​ ​is​ ​swimming​ ​the​ ​100 meter​ ​breaststroke.​ ​All​ ​of​ ​their​ ​goals​ ​are ​to​ ​maintain​ ​a​ ​steady​ ​pace,​ ​break​ ​times,​ ​move​ ​up​ ​a​ ​place or​ ​two,​ ​but​ ​more​ ​importantly​ ​to​ ​continue​ ​cheering​ ​on​ ​their​ ​teammates​ ​and​ ​have​ ​a​ ​great​ ​night. Other​ ​notable​ ​nominees​ ​from​ ​the​ ​time​ ​trial​ ​are​ ​freshman​ ​Kendall​ ​Luecke,​ ​who​ ​swam​ ​7​ ​seconds faster​ ​during​ ​the​ ​500​ ​meter​ ​freestyle,​ ​junior​ ​Kelsey​ ​Vrooman​ ​and​ ​freshman​ ​Emily​ ​Fischer​ ​who swam​ ​their​ ​best​ ​times​ ​for​ ​the​ ​100​ ​butterfly,​ ​but​ ​all​ ​girls​ ​worked​ ​their​ ​hardest​ ​and​ ​performed​ ​well.

(Courtesy of Darien Athletic Foundation) 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Varsity Field Hockey Wins in FCIAC Qualifier

By Alix Platt

Senior Kendal Wisinki brings the ball upfield. 
On October 30th, Darien Girls Field Hockey played their first qualifying game for FCIACS. The team played Norwalk, and walked off the field with another win. The Norwalk team beat Darien 2-1 in the regular season. However, the field hockey team brought their title back by winning 4-0.The goals were scored by seniors Kathleen Tropsa, Kendall Wisinski, Sydney Schrenker, and sophomore Molly Hellman. Junior Katie Elders injured her shoulder in a past game and came back on the field stopping more than 8 shots on Darien’s goal. Junior Lily Kulesz says, “This was the best game we have ever played. We lost 2-1 regular season and we beat them by 4 last night.” The girls are so excited to be in the running for 2017 FCIAC Champions.

Go cheer them on today, November 2nd, against Wilton at Brien McMahon!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Girls XC Finishes Their Season at States, Saying Goodbye to Senior Superstar Emilia Callery

By Carson Halabi

Top runners for Wave XC begin the varsity race as an unbeatable pack. 
At 11:30 am on Saturday, October 28th, the Blue Wave girls cross country team ran their top seven girls in the Class L State Championship race at Wickham Park in East Hartford. Junior Sophie Hill was the team’s top finisher, with a time of 22:10 for the difficult 5k course. Last week, Hill finished 28th in the FCIAC race, earning the All-FCIAC title. She is a strong and resilient runner, who will lead BWXC to great success in the 2018 season. Junior Penn Boucher and senior Emilia Callery also had stand-out races, finishing 3rd and 4th for Darien. Senior captain Callery has been a top finisher for Darien since her freshman year, and really rounded out her cross country career in her final race. She is impressively consistent for a one-season runner, and her leadership on the team for the past 4 years is unparalleled. BWXC will miss her. Many cross country runners, including senior captains KC Grady, Kimmy Olvany and Carson Halabi will run indoor and outdoor track for the Wave. Catch us on the new track next month!

Senior captains Kimmy Olvany, KC Grady, Carson Halabi, and Emilia Callery finished their cross country careers this past week.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Darien Girls Varsity Volleyball Loses to St. Joseph

By Emma Love

The team makes a big play earlier this season. (Courtesy DAF) 
On Wednesday, October 25th, the Girls Varsity Volleyball team faced a tough 0-3 loss to St. Joseph as the season comes to a close. Darien was able to stay with St. Joseph’s, one of the leading teams in the FCIAC, throughout the night. Notable plays came from seniors Kellie Arevalo and Addie Schoen, as well as junior Hassana Abubakar. Although Darien will not be in the FCIAC playoffs this year, the future looks bright as younger players have been getting experience in the last couple matches.

Come and support the team in their last regular season game against Norwalk on Friday, October 27th at 4 pm!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Field Hockey Comes Out Victorious Against Norwalk

By Alix Platt

On Monday, October 23rd, the Darien Field Hockey team had a big win against Norwalk’s Brien-McMahon High School. Darien took the field by storm with a win of 6-0.  The stars  were seniors Kendall Wisinski, Kathleen Tropsa, Sydney Schrenker, and junior Daphne Cutler,  who all scored and gave Darien a huge lead. Darien Field Hockey this year is now 13-2-1, hoping for the FCIAC and State Championship. Junior Riley Joysce said, “We played really well, we all connected on the field and sideline.”

The FCIAC quaterfinals are on Friday, October 28th. This year is going to be a competitive one, all teams have lost to one another which will add to the element of surprise.
Go cheer on Darien Field Hockey!

Senior Kathleen Tropsa scores one of the many goals for the Blue Wave. 

Boys Cross Country Runs Hard in FCIAC Championships

By Bradley Knebel

Senior Griffin Ott competing in a meet earlier this season. (Courtesy DAF) 
On Wednesday, October 18th the 2017 FCIAC Boys Cross Country Championships took place. Taking place at Waveny Park, New Canaan the 5,000 meter race was assured to be important for all of the teams attending. Though Darien did not place in gold, they still improved much since last year. The first place winner was Staples High School, with a team score of 33. Darien placed sixth with a score of 185, just ahead of New Canaan with a score of 119. This had been a rough season for the boys track team, but over the course they have improved greatly. The team had lost a lot of great runners, and despite being lower than last years score, they have persevered. According to the team, it was a surprise they placed this high despite their rough beginnings.

Scott Peters, senior and Captain of the Track Team, had this to say about the championship, “... proud of my boys for their performance at FCIAC's….” The team has high hopes with the new recruits of freshman, and still placed two individuals in the top 30 this year; Griffin Ott at 16:59.73 in 22nd place, and Jack O’Keefe at 17:13.44 in 29th place. Their improvement is evident and will continue on into the next season.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Girls Swimming Loses to Wilton

By Scotty Tuck

Junior Cassie Maroney in the 200 Individual Medley.
On Wednesday, October 18th the Darien High School Girls Swim and Dive team suffered a disappointing loss against Wilton. The previously 5-1 team lead by captains Isabel Blaze, Carly Rutledge, and Katie Martin went into the meet confidently, having only lost to the powerhouse Greenwich High School team. The meet started off strongly, as Darien scored major points in the 200 Medley Relay and 200 Freestyle, winning the relay and scoring first and fourth in the 200 Freestyle. Following the 200 Freestyle however, Wilton began to gain momentum, scoring first, second, and fifth in the 200 Individual Medley, and sweeping the 50 Freestyle. Following the diving, Wilton had a significant lead over Darien, and although they scored some first place finishes in the second half of the meet, Wilton ultimately came out on top. Regarding the meet, junior Kelsey Vrooman said, “It was a tough loss and everyone gave it their all. I think it gives us a good idea of what we need to work on for the rest of the season.”

Some standout performances during the meet were senior Carly Rutledge, who took both the 200 and 500 Freestyles, as well as senior Isabel Blaze and junior Lauren Picard, who won the 100 Butterfly and 100 Backstroke. The team has one more regular season meet at New Canaan YMCA on Wednesday, October 25th at 3 p.m, so be sure to go out and show some support.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Varsity Field Hockey Falls to Staples

By Hugh Hearns

Senior goalie Erica Blaze makes a save earlier this season (Courtesy DAF).
On Thursday, October 19 the Darien varsity field hockey team took on Staples High School. In a tightly contested game the Blue Wave lost by a score of 2-1 behind two Staples goals by Meghan Johnson. The lone Blue Wave tally was scored by senior Sydney Schrenker. As it stands however, Darien are 11-2 and are second in the East Division as well as being qualified for the FCIAC playoffs. Come cheer the Blue Wave on at Brien McMahon in their final regular season game this monday.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Girls Soccer Defeats Westhill 1-0

By Taylor Davis

On Tuesday, October 18th, the Girls Varsity Soccer team beat Westhill 1-0. The team played exceptionally well, especially senior captain Katie Ramsay and freshman Nelle Kniffin. Ramsay led the team to victory scoring off of a corner that was flicked in front of the net. “Nelle Kniffin played out of her mind, went into every tackle and won,” senior captain Christine Fiore said. The 1-0 win made for a great senior day, and the juniors stepped up and made it a day that the seniors will never forget. “The juniors did such a good job with the day. It meant so much to us because this team is my family,” Fiore said.
The seniors pose for a photo before the game on Senior Day (Courtesy DAF). 

Come out and support the Girls Varsity Soccer Team in their next game against St. Joseph on Saturday, October 21st!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Blue Wave Field Hockey Defeats Ridgefield in a Near Shutout

By Ellie Nelson

On October 15th, the Darien Field Hockey team beat rival Ridgefield at home, 4-1. Senior captain Kathleen Tropsa led the team with two goals; the other two were scored by senior captain Sydney Schrenker and junior Daphne Cutler. Notable performances came from juniors Katie Elders and Bridget Mahoney, both of whom had assists. Senior goalie Erica Blaze was also a strong contributor to the victory, only allowing one goal the entire game. Following the game, the team’s record improved to 2-2-4 in the FCIAC league.

Reigning FCIAC champions since 2012, the team is preparing both mentally and physically in hopes for another successful tournament this year. “We are really excited and hoping to finish the season of strong, but we know we have to just keep working hard in practice because you never know what could happen,” said sophomore Izzy Smith.

Come support the team this Thursday against Staples at 4pm!

Senior Kendall Wisinski steals the ball during a game against Garden City earlier in the season. 

Boys Soccer Takes Down New Canaan

By Cole Armstrong

Senior Justin Van De Graaf  goes after the ball. (Courtesy DAF) 
On October 12th, The Darien Boys Soccer team had a triumphant victory against New Canaan with a final score of 3-0. Blake Sommi was a powerhouse scoring the first two goals along with Will Dickson who scored the final goal of the game. This is the second win for the team following their first on October 10th, ending a losing streak that was in place from the beginning of the season. The defense was tremendous from all players and was paired well with the very apparent ferocity to win. Player Cam Raia is optimistic and excited for upcoming games stating that “the team has “gained a lot of momentum and I'm really confident that we’ll be winning our upcoming games."

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Girls Cross Country Comes Out Strong in Their Last Regular Season Meet at Tod’s Point

By Carson Halabi

On Tuesday, October 10, the girls cross country team completed in their last regular season meet at Tod’s Point in Greenwich. Running against two of the strongest teams in the FCIAC, Wilton and Greenwich, Darien held their own. Junior superstar Sophie Hill came in first for Darien with a time of 20:52 for the 2.9 mile course. The beautiful course by the water helped to motivate the girls varsity team, whose top seven runners finished within 1:00 of each other. BWXC is in a strong place for their FCIAC championship next Wednesday, October 18 at Waveny Park in New Canaan.

The ocean view of the 2.9 mile cross country course at Tod’s Point on Tuesday.

Girls Varsity Soccer Ties New Canaan

By Sarah-Jane Clarke

On Wednesday, October 11th Darien girls varsity soccer tied New Canaan 0-0 at Conner Field. Going into the game, Darien was determined to not let New Canaan, their biggest rival, leave with a win, and the team succeed.

Senior Emily Denunzio goes for a header. (Photo Courtesy DAF)
Although it ended in a tie, Darien brought a strong fight onto the field and were able to keep the ball out of their goal the entire game. The defensive players had a particularly great match. Captain and star defender Emily DeNunzio was a brick wall in the defensive zone. She used her head like it was her third foot, constantly heading the ball back to her teammates up field. Defenders Anna Fox and Emily Bergwall also helped keep the ball out of New Canaan’s possession with aggressive efforts. As always, goalie Christine Fiore was a key player in the game. New Canaan had two breakaways, yet were unable to get the goal due to Fiore’s focus and strength. This kept the game exciting and all fans on the edge of their seats.

For the offensive side, the ball was difficult to control; it continuously bounced back and forth between New Canaan and Darien at midfield. However, Darien was playing on grass, something the team isn’t used to. Nevertheless, the offensive players had some incredibly close shots on goal, in particular senior Katie Ramsay and junior Natalie Bravo.

Although there were no goals for Darien, senior Emily Bergwall reflected positively on the game, “Although we aren’t happy with the tie, especially against our rivals, I’m glad we were able to have yet another shutout, especially heading towards the end of the season.” With 8 wins and only 3 losses this season, the team will definitely have a great game next Tuesday, October 17 at 5:30 pm on the DHS Stadium Field. Be sure to head over and support the team, especially the seniors, during their Senior Day game!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Boys Varsity Soccer Gets First Win of the Season; Beats Staples 1-0

By Will Pegler

On Tuesday, October 10th at Staples High School the Boys Varsity Soccer team took down Westport 1-0, getting their first win of the season. It was a hard fought battle throughout, with strong defense and goalkeeping on both sides. In the last few minutes of regulation, though, junior Cole Branca scored a clutch goal and sent the Wave off with a win. Senior goalie David Volz played exceptionally well, making big time saves throughout the afternoon. Volz talked about how big of a win it was for the team and how it will affect them going forward, he said; "Getting that win was huge. It felt like we had just won a championship with how excited everyone was. It will definitely be a huge momentum boost for us for the rest of the season".

Credit also goes to Head Coach Jon Bradley who, according to Volz, gave the boys some extra motivation before the game, Volz said; "Coach said he would get us all McDonald's if we won. I guess you could say that motivated us even more to fight as hard as we could, and yes we did have McDonald's after the game".

Hopefully the Wave can keep this energy going into a huge game against rival New Canaan on Thursday, October 12th at 4 pm at the DHS Oval Turf.

Senior goalie David Volz boots the ball down field (Courtesy DAF). 

Girls Varsity Volleyball Beats Stamford 3-2

By Amelia Fordyce

Senior Addie Schoen goes for the spike (Courtesy DAF). 
The Blue Wave Girls Volleyball team won against the Stamford Girls Volleyball team on Monday, October 2nd. The Stamford Girls Volleyball team had won FCIACs last year but the Blue Wave team were ready: “I believe we just had a lot more energy on the court and a more focused mindset.” said junior Gabrielle Highton. They had a loss for the first set but they won the fifth set, getting their victory. “We pushed extremely hard in the 5th set and we finally got our victory.” said Highton. This was the 11th game of the fall season. The team has had a few losses this season, but they are determined to win.

Come watch Darien play against Newton @ the DHS main gym on Monday, October 9th at 4 P.M.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Blue Wave Football Keeps Winning Streak Alive Against Stamford

By Henry Rech

The Blue Wave Football team dealt out another crushing defeat  on Saturday, October 30th to the
Stamford Black Knights. Darien was able to get up quick, scoring two first quarter touchdowns and never looked back, scoring 47 straight points. Stamford was able to score their first touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

Senior quarterback  Jack Joyce played another impressive game leading the Blue Wave with three passing touchdowns. In a game full of standout players, one name pops out when you look at the box score, and that is junior Running Back Andrew Lucas. He did a phenomenal job filling in for injured running back Mitchell Pryor who left the game with a knee injury. In his time filling in, he scored three touchdowns on runs of 23, 13, and 20 yards. This could be considered the junior’s coming out party as he hopes to replicate his play from Saturday night.

The team had a bye this past weekend but looks to stay hot this Friday night, October 13th at Staples High School. Come out and support the Wave!

Junior Linebacker Connor Fay fights through blockers in hot pursuit of the ball carrier (Courtesy DAF). 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Freshman Girls Volleyball Gets the Win

By Nina Rodriguez

On Monday, October 9th, the Darien freshman girl’s volleyball team had a victorious
performance against the Newtown Nighthawks, at Newtown High School with a final score of
3-1. The game started at 4 P.M. and lasted about an hour and a half. Out of four sets, Darien
triumphed the last three, 20-25, 25-17, 25-15, and 25-6. According to freshman, Cavan Duffy,
her team had many aces, which are serves that BWVB served that the opposing team missed
immediately. Also, the team had many kills, which are hits that they miss right away. The
freshman team continues to play on fire, and is predicted to win future games.

darien-071117ll 2
Long time Blue Wave Head Coach Laurie Larusso watches her freshman get the win. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Quest for a Win Continues for Boys Varsity Soccer

By Jack Tierney

It was another bleak performance for the Darien Boy’s varsity Soccer team, losing to Wilton 3-0 on Wednesday, September 27th. Going into the game the Blue Wave were confident, as senior forward Cameron Raia said; “I think as a team we're ready to make a run towards the playoffs and it starts today.” Cam was not wrong. Darien came out on fire dominating possession and dictating tempo. They also had many opportunities squandered; on multiple occasions it seemed like they were destined to take the lead but fate had other plans. Juniors Connor Olson and Siddhant Parwal both  had golden chances but couldn’t convert. Olson hitting the woodwork and Siddhant just missing a chance on net. Nonetheless it all seemed positive for Darien going into the half.
Junior Johan Trippitelli makes a play on the ball earlier this season (Courtesy DAF). 

“The first goal was a disaster and we didn’t look the same after.” Senior goalie David Volz accurately sums up the second half. Once Wilton got their scrappy goal there was no turning back and suddenly 1-0 went to 3-0 quick. Darien has to be disappointed because they have yet to capture their first win on the season. One positive from this game would be that the youth and future looks bright; but you have to question John Bradley’s boys mentality after falling apart yet again. If this team can find the back of the net consistently they could be dangerous, but it needs to happen soon.

Cheer them on during Tuesday’s game at Ridgefield's Tiger Hollow stadium @ 6 pm.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Boys Soccer Drops a Game to Greenwich

By Jack Tierney

The Blue Wave Boys Varsity soccer team suffered a defeat on Friday, September 8th to the Greenwich Cardinals. Wave conceded 3 times and dug themselves too big a hole to escape. Greenwich’s hitman Woojin Kwak scored the 1st goal and the Cardinals never looked back. Although they struggled Darien’s Johan Trippitelli had one moment of magic as he channelled his inner-Messi while taking a defender on and flicking the ball effortlessly over the defender's foot which led to a long shot that had the keeper tripping over his own feet to save.

 In what was a forgettable showing there were a few positives to take from this game. Senior Goalkeeper David Volz, despite letting in 3 goals, showed a heroic effort making countless saves throughout the game. Although young Darien’s juniors and sophomores looked promising and should be pillars of future success. Lack of experience seemed to be John Bradley’s side’s main weakness as they’re trying to make up for losing goal scoring machine Pablo Martinez to Johns Hopkins.

Greenwich are a top ranked team in the state and the Blue Wave gave them a great effort. Senior keeper David Volz said, “Yeah we struggled but they are a very talented team and I think we learned a lot about the toughness of our team.” Hopefully Darien can recover past years form in the games to come.

Come watch Darien @ Bridgeport Central on wednesday Sep 13th 6 P.M.

Senior Blake Sommi looks to lead Darien to new success this season (Courtesy DAF). 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Wave Football Takes Down Ridgefield; Extends Win Streak to 26

By Will Pegler

Senior Brian Minicus celebrates his second "pick-six" of the night (Courtesy Darien Times). 
After a long off-season of hype surrounding them, the Blue Wave football team proved that they were still the number one team in the state with a 38-12 trouncing of Ridgefield at Tiger Hollow this past Friday, September 8th. In his first start at quarterback, senior Jack Joyce threw for two TD's, connecting with senior wide receiver Max Grant on both. The wave defense gave nothing to Ridgefield, led by senior Brian Minicus who had three interceptions and took two of them back for six. Even more impressive, Minicus hadn't practiced all week due to bruised patella, but still played the game of his career. Senior corner back Alex Dehmel commented on Brian's performance; "He was everywhere. It felt like on each play Brian was making a difference in some way shape or form". Senior kicker Austin Hagander played a big role, knocking through several extra points, while the wave's defensive line was led by seniors Mike Neary and Drew Evanchick, as well as junior John Lochtefeld. Ridgefield's quarterback was constantly being harassed by the powerful D-line.

Come out to Darien High School this Friday, September 15th to watch the Blue Wave take on Brien McMahon in their first home game under the lights.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Season Recap: Girls JV Tennis

By Ellie Nelson

The team celebrated one last hurrah together at the tennis banquet 
Notorious for being one of the most fun sports teams to participate on at DHS, this season the Girls JV Tennis team proved that they are so much more than pasta dinners and fun practices. Over the past few years, the Girls Tennis program at DHS has grown extremely successful. The varsity team has been ranked as the number one seed the past two years and had exemplary performance in both postseasons despite disappointing forfeits due to issues with CIAC regulations. While many people don’t consider the JV girls when they think about the rigor of the Girls Tennis program, the team had an excellent season this year and we can all expect big things for the varsity next year as some of the JV roster steps up to the big leagues.

“We had a really great season overall. Warde and Staples were our biggest competition but we were still able to tie them which was a huge accomplishment from us. Even though we do like to have fun and enjoy ourselves every once in awhile, this season the girls really stepped up and played really competitively this year. Every practice we would play games which really sharpened our skills for matches. Annabelle Mueller and Abby Stravato were both stud players on the team and I’m really looking forward to seeing even more success for the JVT girls next year” said junior captain Grace Wakim.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wave Sail Season Review

By Libby Markham

Darien High School’s varsity sailing team has finished their season very strong. I spoke to sophomore Lauren Miller to get an idea of how well the team performed this season, as well as her thoughts on the team as a whole.

“This season for the Darien High School Varsity Sailing Team was certainly one the most memorable ones so far. We competed with confidence and skill to pull out with 2nd place overall in our division.  Whether it was rigorous work out on the water, or informative chalk talks on land, we were always here for the long haul and remained concentrated all throughout the season. Communication, leadership, teamwork, applying knowledge, and determination were some of the key concepts our coach Connor Brady taught us to tailor into our practices and races everyday. Our team was very focused and had our goals set in place since the beginning of the season and I believe that is what led us to victory. Even with our toughest competitors, such as Fairfield Ludlowe and Brunswick, we managed to come together and race with ceaseless courage. I believe that when we worked our hardest without thinking about our placement, we stayed in the necessary focus or ‘race mode’ that was essential to reach our high rankings. We really could not have managed to pull this off without our talented seniors so with that comes one of the hardest goodbyes. A truly amazing job this year and thank you to everyone who participated and contributed numerous hours to this demanding sport that we will all come to miss,” Miller said.

The team at their end of season banquet 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Baseball, Softball and Girls Lacrosse Class LL CIAC Tournament Games At Home This Afternoon

Spend the afternoon at DHS to follow state tournaments for Baseball, Softball and Girls Lacrosse.

Baseball begins at 3:30 against Danbury, Softball at 4:00 against New Britain, and defending state champions and current FCIAC champions Girls Lacrosse meets Southington at 4:30.

Come spend a few hours cheering on the Blue Wave.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Girls Softball Beats Ridgefield 4-1 in FCIAC Quarterfinals

By Taylor Davis

On Friday, May 19, 2017 the Girls Softball Team won 4-1 against Ridgefield. The game started off a little rough for the team. However, eventually they found success. “It was a good win, but it took us a while to get our bats going,” Senior Captain Cassidy Schiff said. The team has been very successful this year, and they hope that this will continue throughout the rest of the season, specifically in their next game against Fairfield Ludlowe. “We’re hoping to keep our momentum in our next game against Ludlowe. We have been doing well, so we just have to keep playing like we can. Ludlowe beat us in the regular season, but we just have to bring a lot of energy,” Schiff said.

Girls Softball Beats Norwalk 9-6

By Taylor Davis

On Wednesday, May 17, 2017 the Girls Softball team won 9-6 against Norwalk. Senior captain Cassidy Schiff played extremely well as she secured the victory for the wave. Other players with outstanding performances include junior Hailey King who had 4 hits and scored 4 runs and senior Kristen Picard who had 2 hits. Norwalk was confident in the top of the sixth inning as they had a 6-3 lead. However, Darien did not let this stop them from fighting for the win. Darien had two more runs and entered the 7th inning down by one run. In the 7th inning Schiff brought home the win with a walk-off three-run homer.

The team huddles before the game