Monday, January 25, 2016

11/12 House Basketball Power Rankings 8.0

Let me first off address the 400 complaints that I have gotten about that ref that was chilling hard on Sunday #DarienProblems. Yea, he was straight up awful, I mean I could have dropped the People's Elbow on someone and I think he would have called it clean. Even though the ref went rogue and allowed us to play street ball (which was actually kind of awesome, full contact basketball is fun), we still had plenty of solid action, close games and highlights to write about.

() Indicates previous ranking; [] Indicates record

1. (1) [7-1] Raptors
The Raptors were without star Jack Beatty on Sunday, which made me wonder if they could hang without him. The answer? Holy crap yes. Without Beatty, the team was able to drop 62 on a Cavs defense that was chilling with no subs. Connor Gonzalez-Falla carried the team, dropping threes left and right and dishing passes to Emmet Sheehan, who is a freak of a big man who is definitely up for Big Man of the Year now. This was the third game in a row where the Raptors put up over 60 points, proving that they are no doubt a championship contender, even without Jack Beatty. Confidence could not be higher on the team too, as after the game, Brett Durbin was heard saying, "If we had Beatty we would have won by 70." The Raptors end their season with two huge games, starting with the Hawks and ending with the Knicks.

2. (2) [6-2] Nuggets
Although the Nuggets beat the Raptors earlier in the season, the Raptors had a impressive win without their star playing, keeping them at #1. The Nuggets were still incredibly impressive with an easy win over the Spurs, putting up 60 points in an 11 point victory. The one point of concern in the defense, even though it is entirely possible that the team gets lazy with such a big lead and doesn't care about playing defense. That is acceptable, and time will only tell once playoffs start in a few weeks.

3. (3) [5-3] Knicks
The Knicks defeated the Hawks in OT by two points, but remain at #3 due to the Nuggets win over them and the Raptors impressive win streak. Still, the Knicks win over the Hawks is pretty impressive, which gives them a whole lot of momentum heading into the playoffs in a few weeks. The trio of Schmidt, Gardella and Miller have been unstoppable, and will need to step it up even more with the loss of Sam Giorgio, who is out for the rest of the season. God bless him.

4. (6) [4-4] Nets
The Nets are back to their winning ways after defeating the Warriors on Sunday. Scoring 59 points in the process, the game was still close as the Warriors were able to put up 54. Still, the win continues to build an impressive résumé for the Nets, as the team now rides a two game win streak after going the distance against the Hawks last week. The blemishes that remain on it though are a loss to the Suns and a blowout loss to the Celtics. Both those loses came however in the early part of the season, and this is clearly a different Nets team.

5. (4) [4-4] Cavaliers
The Cavs lost to the #1 Raptors on Sunday after being short-handed for probably like the fifth week in a row. The team has not played with 7 or more players in three weeks, which has its benefits but also its downfalls. The team was able to score still on Sunday, mostly from Jamie Schofield and Danny O'Boyle. The teams usual scoring strategy of driving and drawing fouls didn't work well since the ref decided fouls weren't a thing, but there isn't much to worry about here. With the hopeful return of Matt Meyjes coming soon, the team looks to head back into contention in the coming weeks.

6. (5) [4-4] Hawks
The Hawks have cooled down considerably since their four game winning streak was snapped, as the team has now lost back to back games to the Cavaliers and Knicks respectively. The game against the Knicks is easily a candidate for Game of the Year, as there were plenty of entertaining moments as the game went into an overtime finish. The Drake twins continued to play well, as Chris and his brother will definitely be a factor heading into playoff season. Another huge dark horse has been Jack Baylis, who has been a beast on the boards for the Hawks all year. Quick note about the game against the Knicks too; The team was without star Andrew Mathew, which is why the team does not fall farther in the rankings. Had he been there, we might have a different story here.

7. (8) [4-4] Celtics
The Celtics were able to narrowly defeat the Suns on Sunday, which is why they are not moving up too much in the rankings. Brian Keating was the Player of the Game for the Celtics, as many of his teammates cited his "emotional leadership on and off the court" as the reason in which the team won its game. If Keating, who is well known across many sports for his emotional ways, can continue to motivate his team like he did Sunday, the Celtics will be on an emotional high heading into the playoffs, which I would say is a good advantage.

8. (7) [3-5] Warriors
The Warriors lost by 5 to the Nets on Sunday, bringing their loss total to 5 on the season. After starting the season 2-0, the team has dropped 5 of their last 6, which is not a very good sign. Yet, the teams losses during this span haven't been embarrassing at all, as many of the games have remained close until the very end. Also, the Warriors have a big win against the Nuggets under their belts, which is why you cannot count this team out come playoff time. Cary O'Brien had this to say about the game too, telling the press, "I wasn't there."

9. (9) [2-6] Spurs
The Spurs stayed close in their battle with the Nuggets on Sunday, only losing by a total of 11, which is impressive against one of the leagues best teams. Still, it is not enough to move them up from their cozy #9 spot. Expect the Spurs to remain in the lower rungs of the rankings for the rest of the regular season, as they play the Knicks and then the Warriors, which may be their final shot to take home another W.

10. (10) [1-7] Suns
So close, yet so far... The Suns were extremely close to beating the Celtics on Sunday, but there appeared to be some ref issues along the way, again. The Suns were down 9 with about a minute left when they were attempting to intentionally foul the Celtics, and the ref was having none of it. Like, the Suns could have dropkicked the kid, and the ref wasn't going to call it. After managing to get the ref to actually call the foul after about 15 seconds wasted, Timmy Graham hit big three to get within 6, but with little time left there wasn't much of a chance for a comeback. So, ref problems caused the loss? I'd say maybe, but the Suns are starting to get closer and closer to a win. Will it happen? Probably not.

Game Predictions

#3 Knicks vs. #9 Spurs
The Knicks are way too hot right now to be stopped, so they will take this one in a close battle. Knicks win.

#5 Cavaliers vs. #7 Celtics
One of these teams will win.

#8 Warriors vs. #10 Suns
If the Warriors can get both Burke brothers in attendance, there is no way the Suns will be able to defend both of them. Warriors win in Cary O'Briens return.

#2 Nuggets vs. #4 Nets
The Nets are at their highest ranking of the season once again, so enjoy the view while it lasts, because the Nuggets want their #1 spot back. Nuggets win.

*Game of the Week*
#1 Raptors vs. #6 Hawks
If Andrew Mathew shows up, this will be an absolute battle of the bigs between him and Emmet Sheehan. Both can dunk I think, so expect some posters on Sunday. This game is incredible on paper; Mulliken vs. Beatty will be a treat, the Drakes vs. Gonzalez-Falla and Ben Bidell will be entertaining, but we are all watching Mathew vs. Sheehan.

Raptors win if the team controls the boards; Hawks win if they get their shooting mojo back.

Friday, January 22, 2016

9/10 House Basketball Power Rankings 4.0

Well, midterms are over and house ball is back, all is right with the world. As we approach the last few games of the regular season, let's take a look at this week's edition of the power rankings.

() Indicates previous ranking; [] Indicates record

1. (2) [5-1] Duke
 The Blue Devils continue to hover at the one and two spot, and rightfully so. The only team remaining with only one loss on the season, Duke has been the model of house ball consistency. Although this team has been playing great, I don't have anything new to say about them. As we all know, Justin Vandy Graff (!!) and Sean Collins are a solid duo at the point and have been leading this team in every way possible. Mike Neary continues to be solid in the paint, while Ryan Griffin has had a perfect attendance record this season (this kid has heart!). So yeah, this team is very good and are likely to make a deep run in to the playoffs.

2. (1) [4-2] Washington
 Washington has been solid throughout this season, and in my opinion have the best team chemistry in the league. Though they don't look too strong on paper, they're a team who can do pretty much anything, whether it's grabbing boards on knocking down mid range jump shots (shoutout to Sherlock) the Huskies have gotten the job done. Kevin Grune has been the star of this team, but has missed a couple games now due to a swimming commitment. Kevin, come on now man, I know you're reading this, PRIORITIES. Anyway, other offensive production has come from sophomores Hank Rech, Max Gasvoda, and Henry Adiletta. The Huskies will face Syracuse this Sunday.

3. (3) [4-2] Georgetown
I know the Hoyas lost to Washington this past Sunday, but this team will remain at the number three spot this week. Led by sophomores Craig Triano and Will Rooney, Georgetown has proven that they have the ability to make a run in this years playoffs. Rooney has been almost unguardable in the paint while Triano has nailed some clutch shots all season long. I couldn't mention this team without giving a shoutout to their ruthless enforcer Will "Cully" Culliton. In watching Cully, he reminds me of Doug Glatt from the hockey movie Goon. I'm not going to explain the plot of the movie right here, but if you have not seen it, it would be a great way to spend your makeup day.  (Available on Netflix)

4. (9) [4-2] UConn
The Huskies make a huge jump in the rankings this week, as they made easy work of Kentucky in their game this past Sunday. Before I continue to write, though, I want to make everyone aware that I am on Kentucky, but I am in no way bitter towards the Huskies for what they did to us on Sunday. Anyway, it seemed that the chocolate milk (sorry Joyce, you're not living this one down) that drenched Jack Joyce the day before ha no effect on his game, as he hit some really lucky threes and got a lot of help from the ref. Some curly haired freshman nailed like four threes, and yeah that's pretty much it. That wasn't biased at all, right?

5. (5) [4-2] Kentucky
The Wildcats have dropped two of their past three games and seem to be in a bit of a slump. Fin Batson and Alex Murray have continued to play solid for this team, hitting outside shots and driving to the lane well. While freshman Brian Wright continues to be nothing less than a beast in the paint, blocking shots and pulling in boards. The Wildcats look to pick up a win this Sunday against a very strong Duke squad.

6. (6) [4-2] Michigan
 The Wolverines are a team that I myself don't really understand. They'll blow at a team one week and then get dominated in the next. Two weeks ago, though, the Wolverines beat the very strong Washington Huskies by 15 points. I wasn't there but I was told that Nick Green literally put the team on his back, giving Justin Canelli a piggy back ride for the entire 2nd half. Most recently, Michigan beat in-state rival MSU (the worst team in the league) by a margin of only 2 points. We'll see how the rest of the season goes for this squad, as they face off against UConn this weekend.

7. (7) [3-3] Syracuse
The Orangemen continue to hang around right in the middle of the pack so far. This team's front court is arguably one of the best in the league, with big men Harry Rayhill and Alex Phillips down low. Although that has been solid, they have not had very solid guard play, besides freshman Jack Bogdan. Bogdan has had a big load to carry this season and has done okay, but I think someone else will need to step up for these guys if they want to do anything in the playoffs.

8. (8) [3-3] Stanford
 Before I say anything else about this team, I need to address Max Grant's shot. With no time remaining, Grant pulled up and hit a 3 point buzzer beater to win it for his team and avoid OT against Maryland. I witnessed what happened, and let me tell you, it was just as miraculous and clutch as it sounds, as it may go down as one of the best plays this season. Anyway, the Cardinal are another team that has been inconsistent all season. As I previously mentioned, they be a Stanford last Wednesday night, and somehow beat UConn the week before. But this week, the Cardinal lost to one of the worst teams in the league in Providence. Besides Max Grant and Cole Stevenson, the Cardinal don't have too much talent that could carry them too far for the rest of the season.

9. (4) [2-4] Maryland
I don't know what happened to the Terps, but within the blink of an eye they now have four losses on the season. Although their two wins were against fairly strong teams in UConn and Kentucky, the rest of the Terps games have been colossal struggles offensively, at they only have 192 points for this season. Not surprisingly, Teddy Brannigan has been a bright spot in this squads tough year, but Brannigan needs more help if they want to start winning more games. Will Rehm has had his strong moments, but hasn't been consistent enough to get this team a winning record. We'll see if the Terps can turn things around come playoff time.

10. (10) [2-4] North Carolina
To put it lightly, the Tar Heels are not a very good team. They have looked to Sophomore David Volz for production offensively, while Tommy Murphy, Jack Gordon, and Henry Nolte have been an ok supporting cast. This team sounds pretty solid, but what they lack is size. I have an easy fix for that, though, if the rest of this team played half as hard as Tommy Murphy did, they would be the best team in the league in a heartbeat. I mean come on, have you seen how much the kid sweats? He is the poster child of effort and heart, but should probably lower the amount of sweat he produces during games.

11. (12) [1-5] Providence
 The Friars finally got a win! Taking down Stanford by three points. Although they got the win this week, this team is pretty bad. Brian Minicus has been playing solid so far on offense while Connor Tienken has been strong on defense. But I think this team needs to let Glen Fay shoot more. This kid is honestly the Stephen Curry of house ball and should be taking at least 10 threes a game.

12. (11) [0-6] Michigan State
 Um, I don't really know what to say without sounding like a jerk, but this team has had quite a rough season. They have allowed the second most points per game while they are one of the worst scoring teams in the league (that's not good). It seems that they're having fun out their though, which is all that matters, right?

Weekly Awards
MVP: Jack Joyce
Big Man of the Week: Alex Phillips
Defensive Player of the Week: Connor Percarpio
The "I didn't know someone could sweat that much in that amount of time": Tommy Murphy

Thursday, January 21, 2016

11/12 House Basketball Power Rankings 7.0

Here is a quick preview of the rankings: There is another shuffle of rankings, I sarcastically attack some teams, and Cary O'Brien continues his impressive streak of game changing post game quotes.

() Indicates previous rankings; [] Indicates record

1. (1) [6-1] Raptors
The Raptors are now rightful owners of the hottest team in House after the fall of the Hawks on Wednesday night. The Raptors were able to soundly defeat the Warriors on Wednesday, dropping a total of 65 points in the process. Connor Gonzalez-Falla proclaimed he scored 19,  but other sources at the time doubted it. Wouldn't be surprised though, 65 points is a lot of scoring. Either way, Jack Beatty's squad has been dominant, as it is slowly getting repetitive saying how good this team is. With a game on Sunday against the Cavs, the team can take hold of the longest win streak this season by any team.

2. (3) [5-2] Nuggets
They're bbbaaacccckkkk. The Nuggets returned to their usual form by putting on a clinic against the Suns on Wednesday. It is not surprising to be honest, as this team is one of the most well rounded in the league. With the 17 point win, some must wonder that the loss to the Warriors was a fluke, as the Warriors themselves flopped against the Raptors. Also, the Nuggets are the only team to defeat the Raptors this season, but the only reason they do not own the #1 spot right now is due to the Raptors impressive win streak they are carrying. With a big win Sunday, maybe we could see the Nuggets catapult right back to the throne they used to hold.

3. (4) [4-3] Knicks
The Knicks took care of business on Wednesday as they downed the Celtics by 12 points. Charlie Miller posted a solid line against the Celtics, and Mark Schmidt continued to do Schmidt things on the court. Sam Giorgio made his return to the court too, and dropped a big time three pointer to keep his three point percentage at 100% on the season. All seems to be working for the Knicks, even though they are the second lowest scoring team in the league, their defense continues to be too much for opponents. If the team can continue to play stellar defense and drop some more shots, they will be contenders come playoff time.

4. (8) [4-3] Cavaliers
The Cavs slingshot all the way up to the #4 spot after cooling down the Hawks on Wednesday. Starting with only four players (eventually getting five), the Cavs were able to score often against the Hawks, and eventually created a big enough gap in the second half to secure the win. Jamie Schofield kept doing circus like things on the court, while the return of Christian Trifone helped the team defensively. The Cavs have had an up and down season, but with a big win like this, momentum continues to build in their favor heading into the later part of the season.

5. (2) [4-3] Hawks
The Hawks four game winning streak came to an end against the Cavs on Wednesday, as they lost the game 46-39. The team started off hot, as Connor Mulliken dropped I think like 15 threes in a row at one point. Chris Drake also played well offensively, hitting shots late and drawing a BS foul that gave him three free throws... I didn't freaking touch him. However, the teams full 9 man roster made an appearance on Wednesday, causing the team to rotate out their best players against a Cavs team fielding their four best players plus me. Still being one of the best teams in House, do not expect the team to stay at the #5 spot for long. With a game against the #3 Knicks on Sunday, a win will put them back in contention for the Top 3. Also, yo Matt... nice quote last week. Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk. See you in the playoffs.

6. (7) [3-4] Nets
The Nets were able to handle the Spurs on Wednesday, which gave them a much needed win after falling in a heartbreaker to the Hawks last week. One scary fact concerning the Nets is the fact that they are the lowest scoring team in the league, which could come back to haunt them when they play a team that can score high digits. Right now however, the team is playing consistent defense, which is giving them enough to get passed teams. If this team scores more in the coming weeks, they can be a real threat come postseason time.

7. (5) [3-4] Warriors
Following a huge win against the Nuggets last week, the Warriors got beat up by the #1 Raptors on Wednesday. Still being able to score 49, the team got solid help from senior Colin Corcoran who dropped double digits on the Raptors. Still, the defense struggled through the night, allowing a total of 65 at the end of the day. The Warriors get the #6 Nets on Sunday afternoon, in what will be a good game in gaining leverage in the middle of the rankings for both teams. Oh yea, Cary O'Brien had some words about the loss, saying "We were dribbling and doin' it the way you gotta, but the not us team was doin' the dribblin' also and in the end they just did the dribblin' a lil better."

8. (6) [3-4] Celtics
After starting 3-1, the Celtics have dropped three straight games to get to 3-4. However, the teams they lost to are respectively the #1, #2 and #3 teams in these rankings, which shows you how tough this stretch of the schedule has been. Sitting at the bottom of the rankings will not be something the Celtics will be doing for a while, as their schedule softens up to end the season, starting with a game Sunday against the leagues worst team in the Suns.

9. (9) [2-5] Spurs
The Spurs have sat at the #9 spot for quite some time now, as they have only beaten the Suns the past couple of weeks. I have no clue what is going on with this team, as they are filled to the brim with talented basketball players. With the likes of Colin Minicus, Sean Edgar and the Klingmans, one has to wonder what is causing such a good team on paper to struggle this much. You are probably looking for me to answer that with some deep analysis, but that ain't happening. The team can make a big statement though Sunday with a win against the Nuggets.

10. (10) [1-6] Suns
Surprise! So the Suns lost to the Nuggets on Wednesday in a game in which sources tell me "was all Timmy Graham on the Suns side of the ball". Well, that explains the 6 losses, as when only one player on a team is able to score, that can cause problems. If Graham can find some scoring support, maybe this team will make a miracle comeback in time for playoffs. Maybe.

Game Predictions:

#6 Nets vs. #7 Warriors
In a solid matchup on paper, two closely ranked teams will fight it out to see who is more mediocre. Wow that sounded harsh. Well, the Warriors win.

#1 Raptors vs. #4 Cavs
You all know what goes on here.

#2 Nuggets vs. #9 Spurs
If the rankings are giving you a clue of who'll win, they you are kind of stupid. Nuggets by 15.

#8 Celtics vs. #10 Suns
The Suns will win one more game this year, but it won't be against the Celtics. Celtics win.

*Game of the Week*
#3 Knicks vs. #5 Hawks
The Hawks are coming off a tough loss against a weaker opponent, and the Knicks are looking to prove that they deserve to be taken seriously. The Hawks are loaded, but almost too loaded, and if their full 9 man roster makes another appearance, it might be yucky. However, its Conference Championship Sunday in the NFL, so I don't expect any team to have a full team. Hawks win it.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

11/12 House Basketball Power Rankings 6.0

So I am throwing these up as soon as possible since midterms are lurking. Most of this will be assumptions, so if I say someone played well and they actually didn't, I'm sorry (I really am not).

() Indicates previous ranking; [] Indicates record

1. (2) [5-1] Raptors
The Raptors are good. Well, Jack Beatty is pretty freaking good. When I asked a source who had won the Raptors vs. Celtics game, he responded, "Beatty", so I am assuming he had a good game. The Raptors continue to win games in blowout fashion, with their only blemish being a two point loss against the Nuggets, who are still one of the most talented teams in the league. With an outstanding defense leading the way, the Raptors may stay a top these rankings for quite a while if they continue to do what they are doing.

2. (3) [4-2] Hawks
So I battled back and forth with the idea of who should be the top team. I decided upon the Raptors due to their record and being the top defense in the league. If you don't agree, well, haters gonna hate. T-Swift reference on point. Anyway, the Hawks are winners of four straight, and apparently, Andrew Mathew had the shot of the decade to put the Hawks on top of the Nets at the buzzer. Andrew Mathew, MVP candidate now. Matt Drake, quite possibly the smallest kid in the league, decided to direct some trash talk towards the Hawks next opponent, the Cavs, saying "Britton, I advise you to not show up to the game next Sunday, as we all know the Hawks are going to win their fifth straight. Your time is better spent sitting on the couch, eating a pint of ice cream, and watching Indiana basketball lose." The game is on Wednesday you nub.

3. (1) [4-2] Nuggets
The Nuggets reign of terror is over, for now. The team fell to the Warriors after what the team cited "some questionable calls" from the ref. Hudson Hamill got T'd up, which doesn't usually help the cause, so I am just guessing that this wasn't the best day for this team. There is nothing to worry about for the Nuggets however, as they still remain one of the most talented teams in House. With a game Wednesday against the Suns (yikes), the Nuggets will rebound and begin their quest to regain the #1 spot.

4. (7) [3-3] Knicks
The Knicks were able to end their two game losing streak by defeating the Cavs on Sunday. In a good old fashion 5 vs. 5 battle with no subs, the Knicks were able to pull away late. Nick Murphy delivered for the Knicks, while Mark "I Won't Take a Three Pointer Even Though The Entire Cavs Team Is Nowhere Near Me" Schmidt did some good things as well. The team was also without Lee Gardella, which proved that this team is quite deep when it comes to scoring options.

5. (8) [3-3] Warriors
The Warriors pulled off a big time win on Sunday by taking down the previously #1 ranked team in the Nuggets. The win ended the teams three game losing streak, and has struck some new life into a very good basketball team. About the big win, captain Cary O'Brien had to say, "We just did the thing you gotta do and in the end the good thing happened to be us doing it." Interpret that for yourselves.

6. (4) [3-3] Celtics
The Celtics lost to the Raptors on Sunday, putting them on a two game losing streak in the process. A close game until the end, the team was unable to stop the Raptors scoring attack late. The team still remains as one of my favorite playoff underdogs, and hopefully Brian Keating can bring back some of that magic from two years ago to lead his team back to the promised land. The Celtics get the Knicks on Wednesday, and a win could catapult this team back into the top five in the rankings.

7. (5) [2-4] Nets
The Nets almost pulled off a major upset, but were halted by a buzzer beater from Andrew Mathew.
The loss ended the Nets hot streak, but it is hard to imagine the team losing more games. The arrivals of both Aidan Coyle and Tyler Grant have proved to be game changers, as the teams offense and defense has really started to show up in recent games. The team gets another 2-4 team on Wednesday, as they face off against the Spurs.

8. (6) [3-3] Cavaliers
The Cavs were shorthanded again on Sunday, resulting in a lineup that lacked size against a very big Knicks team. Peter Ridder played amazing again, which puts him up for Dark horse of the Year, if that award is even a thing. The team gets a chance to take down one of the hottest teams in House on Wednesday, as they play the Hawks at 9pm.

9. (9) [2-4] Spurs
The Spurs were able to grab a win against the Suns on Sunday, but are unable to move up in the rankings due to the win being against the leagues worst team. Still, the Spurs have plenty to be proud of, I think. Once again I am completely guessing. The team continues to find scoring from Jack Kniffin, while Jack Wells remains a dominant force within the paint for this team. I have no clue if Jack Klingman returned this week, but when he does officially come back, expect this team to grab some big wins down the road.

10. (10) [1-5] Suns
I have nothing to write about this team because it is just getting repetitive. I even predicted them to win this week, just to change things up, and they still lost. The team plays the Nuggets Wednesday, hopefully no one gets hurt.

Game Predictions:

Nets vs. Spurs
The Nets are coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Hawks, and will use this game to regain momentum. Nets win.

Raptors vs. Warriors
The Warriors like to upset #1 ranked teams it appears, and if they get both Burke brothers in attendance, I see it happening again. Warriors win.

Celtics vs. Knicks
An injury ridden Knicks team rides into battle against the Celtics. The Knicks big three of Gardella, Schmidt and Miller will score enough to get them past the Celtics. Knicks win.

Hawks vs. Cavs
You all can make your own predictions, because whenever I pick my own team, we lose. Actually, here is my prediction. A basketball team wins.

*Game of the Week*
Suns vs. Nuggets
This is only the game of the week due to the personalities colliding in this game. Will Hudson Hamill start a fight? Who wins the fight? How many people get ejected? Oh, as for the basketball game... The Nuggets slaughter the Suns.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

11/12 House Basketball Power Rankings 5.0

These are going to be shorter than usual. Midterms. I'm out of funny punchlines, so I'm just gonna start this.

() Indicates previous rankings; [] Indicates record

1. (1) [4-1] Nuggets
The Nuggets defended their #1 ranking by taking down the previously #2 ranked Celtics in Sunday afternoon action. Hudson Hamill was dominant, which isn't surprising, as since his debut, I think he is averaging like 45 points per game. The game was close for a while, but the Nuggets were able to pull away and eventually win by 12 points, keeping them as one of the most unstoppable forces in the league. The team gets a struggling Warriors team this Sunday in what should be a good game.

2. (3) [4-1] Raptors
The Raptors continued to stay red hot by beating the Spurs on Sunday by 11 points. Jack Beatty's squad continues to impress after doubts earlier in the season (I would apologize again but I really don't care at this point), and has officially solidified themselves as a legitimate title threat come playoffs. Also, the team has allowed the least points per game this season, making them downright the best defense in the league as well.The Raptors play the Celtics on Sunday in a game where two of the lowest ranks team in the preseason battle for to keep or obtain a top five spot in the rankings.

3. (5) [3-2] Hawks
The Hawks are the hottest team in House right now by absolutely destroying all that lays in their paths. Ever since the arrival of Andrew Mathew, they have been unstoppable. The team beat the Suns so badly on Sunday that they were charged with assault after the game, but all charges were eventually dropped. The team put up 74 points on the worst team in the league, making a statement in the process. [Insert another compliment on how Connor Mulliken is probably going to win MVP] along with heavy support from underrated star Chris Drake and some other kid who looks like him. The team gets the Nets on Sunday, in a game filled with personal beef. On the Nets big man Cord Fox, Drake had to say, "He is irrelevant. Wait, who even is Cord Fox?"

4. (2) [3-2] Celtics
The Celtics fell to the Nuggets on Sunday in what was a close game until the end. Quinn Fay was still able to put up solid numbers for the team, but Hudson Hamill and the Nuggets offense proved to be too much for the young team to handle. Still, the Celtics remain a force in the league, as they remain the #4 team in total offense this year. The team has a chance to regain a top three spot with a W against the Raptors this coming Sunday.

5. (8) [2-3] Nets
The Nets jump up to the #5 spot after back to back wins against the Cavaliers and the Knicks. The team has finally started to get going, mostly due to the arrivals of Aidan Coyle and Tyler Grant. Bobby Osborn though has been another big factor for the Nets, providing rebounds left and right for the team. Cord Fox, who thinks all this success is due to him, which it is not (I honestly think he is just slowing this team down), said this about the Hawks guard Chris Drake, "Chris is a joke, his team is just on a lucky streak. We're probably just going to leave him open."

6. (7) [3-2] Cavaliers
The Cavaliers were able to handle a four man Warriors team on Sunday, in a game that was close until the Warriors ran out of steam and allowed for Jamie Schofield and Co. to run wild on the courts. Danny O'Boyle teamed up with Peter Ridder for some absurd passes that stunned everyone in the gym, while Kyle Canelli provided solid support in the paint. Even though the Warriors were short handed, it was a much needed win for the team. The Cavs get the Knicks on Sunday in what should be quite the battle.

7. (4) [2-3] Knicks
After superstar Mark Schmidt had promised to never lose another House game in his life, his team has dropped two straight to the Nuggets and Nets respectively. Ouch. The team played good defense, most likely due to the shutdown man to man that Sam Giorgio was playing (Papa G remains 100% from the field this season), but was unable to capitalize on scoring opportunities. Still, the team remains deadly, as all they need is for either Mark Schmidt or Charlie Miller to go on a scoring streak, and the wins should start coming back. The team gets the Cavs on Sunday. Be ready... fools.

8. (6) [2-3] Warriors
The Warriors failed to even field an entire team on Sunday, having to play 4 vs 4 against the Cavs. The team was without Teddy Burke, which tends to hurt the teams chances. Also without future Hall of Famer Christian Fiorenza, who was "too tired to play", it was never looking good for the team. They stayed in it until the end though, but were unable to hang with the Cavs and their stamina. Reaching their lowest ranking yet, do not expect the team to stay here long. Well, maybe another week. The team plays the Nuggets on Sunday, who are right now unstoppable.

9. (9) [1-4] Spurs
The Spurs lost this week to the Raptors, losing by 11. The team's loses have all been close, making it hard to keep them so low. With such a talented roster, the team should be able to get back on track when Jack Klingman returns. That's pretty much all I have. We await you, Mr. Klingman.

10. (10) [1-4] Suns
The Suns got dropkicked by the Hawks on Sunday, allowing 74 points to the team. The team has allowed the most points in the league this season, giving up on average 54 points per game. That is gross. Will things get better? I don't know, and really don't care. Good luck gentlemen.

Game Predictions:

Cavs vs. Knicks
My team, no bias. Go Cavs.

Suns vs. Spurs
In a battle between the two worst teams in the league, someone will finally get their second win of the season. That team will surprisingly be the Suns. Suns win.

Nuggets vs. Warriors
The Nuggets will try to continue their ways, but a very talented Warriors team will be awaiting them. Hudson Hamill will prove to be too much though, and the Nuggets will win a close one.

Hawks vs. Nets
The Hawks are the hottest team in House right now, and not even the Nets will be able to stop them. Hawks win, and Chris Drake dunks on Cord Fox.

Game of the Week:
Raptors vs. Celtics
Two teams I said were not going to be good this year are now at the #2 and #4 spots in the rankings. The Raptors are ranked higher, and will continue to be ranked higher. Raptors win.

Monday, January 11, 2016

9/10 House Basketball Rankings 3.0

  Although I should probably be studying for mid terms, I decided that house ball was a more productive way to spend my time. Another crazy week has ensued, with no more undefeated teams and plenty more jumps up and down the rankings...

1)   Washington (3) [3-1]: The Huskies have no question been the best team in house ball so far. Starting with the fact that they should really be undefeated, with their only loss coming from an OT heartbreaker without star player Kevin Grune. This week the Huskies clashed in a huge matchup against Duke, beating the Blue Devils by two points  in a game that Washington controlled from the start. Kevin Grune once again had a strong offensive performance while Max Gasvoda and Sherlock Aristizabal were solid from the field. This kid Sherlock has been so consistent I'm starting to think he is a reincarnation of Larry Bird. I know this philosophy may have some holes in it considering Bird is still alive, I stand by it. Anyway, the Huskies have been dominating this season and are a threat to go all the way.

2)   Duke (1) [3-1]: Although the Blue Devils dropped a game this week, they remain as one of the strongest teams in the league. Justin Van Duh Graff (ok, I think I got it this time) and Sean Collins  are far and away the best guard duo in house ball and are matchup terrors for any opponent. The duo's shooting has also improved throughout the season, adding yet another dimension to their abilities. Mike "the enigma" Neary has been playing well in the paint and has been another offensive weapon for this team. This squad looks to move past their loss on Sunday and continue to be successful. (Ryan Griffin was there, I know because when I walked in he missed a fairly wide open layup, ok I'm done now...)

3)   Georgetown (4) [3-1]: The Hoyas continue to climb up the rankings this season as they have been on a tear the past couple of weeks. In their last game, this squad decimated MSU in a defensive clinic. Will Rooney continues to be a force on both sides of the ball, grabbing boards and putting up layups for points. Craig Triano runs the point for this team and has been showing off his passing skills of late. Triano has normally be known as a scorer, but has proven that he can dish dimes as well. The Hoyas intimidation factor has been strong as well, with Sophomore enforcer Will "Cully" Culliton down low. "Cully" plays JV hockey as well as house ball, and this is very evident in his play as he is not afraid to body check players into the wall or give someone an unsolicited elbow to the face.

4)   Maryland (5) [2-2]: Though their record may not show it completely, the Terps have been strong so far this season. In their past game they took care of business against a solid Kentucky team, utilizing their size and rebounding abilities well. This team's biggest threat this season has been sophomore Teddy Brannigan. Teddy has been able to drive to the basket well `and hit his outside shots, carrying the team offensively. Running the point for the Terps has been Will Rehm, who has been on and off this season but finally showed off his full potential in Sunday's game, dropping dimes to his teammates and draining multiple 3's. If the Terps can stay hot, they will be a force to be reckoned with down the stretch of this season.

5)   Kentucky (2) [3-1]: The Wildcats lost their first game on Sunday to previously mentioned Maryland. Kentucky has normally been a very solid shooting team, but were anything but in this one. Though they opened up the game hot, they quickly ran out of steam and became streaky shooters. Fin Batson and Alex Murray did all they could for this team offensively, but Maryland's size and speed quickly tired this team out. Let's keep in mind though that Kentucky is still a top team in this league and look to pick up a win this Wednesday.

6)   Michigan (8) [2-2]: The Wolverines have been a paradigm of mediocrity in the first half of this season. Though they possese probable MVP Nick Green, Michigan has been very inconsistent so far. They have showed flashes of greatness in some games, but have also struggled mightily in others. This week, though, the Wolverines won against Syracuse, beating them by a margin of 10 points. I will say this about this team, they have the most confidence out of anybody, mostly fueled by Sophomore Justin Canelli. In fact, with several minutes left in Sunday's game, Canelli could be seen talking to fans and chatting with parents. If Michigan could have the same amount of ability that they do confidence, they would undoubtedly be a championship contender.

7)   Syracuse (7) [2-2]: The duo of Alex "Quicky" Phillips (yeah, i'm brining that one back) and Harry Rayhill has continued to carry a large role for this squad. GFA student Sam Smith has shown some great abilities, but his shot selection remains in question. He has been known to force many shots  and gets into funks where he seems to forget where his teammates are. Cason Stone has been a solid player for 'Cuse so far . Stone seems to make all of routine shots and gets the job done defensively, forcing many turnovers for the Orangemen.

8)   Stanford (9) [2-2]: In one of the biggest upsets so far this season, the Cardinal somehow defeated UConn in a tight battle. Max Grant finally returned for this team and was key considering they were without Harry Constantine. Stanford's gritty and aggressive style of play willed them to victory on Sunday. One key aggressor for this team has been Connor "Sully' Sullivan who, in the games that I've seen him play in, has drawn comparisons to Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict, as he is not afraid to put opponents on the floor. While this may be a fun way to play, head coach Stu Constantine should probably rein "Sully" in before he gets fined for some of his hits. (If you don't know who Burfict is, feel free to look up his hit on Steelers WR Antonio Brown)

9)   UConn (6) [2-2]: Since their preseason ranking of two, the Huskies have only disappointed so far this season. As I mentioned earlier, UConn lost in a huge upset to Stanford on Sunday. House ball fans have been baffled by this loss, but rumors have been floating around that UConn's star player Jack Joyce was  mentally effected by his incident in the cafeteria on Friday afternoon (kid spilled chocolate milk all over himself, was quite a mess). Anyway, a bright spot for UConn has been Sophomore Connor Percarpio, who has built up quite a reputation for himself around the league with his ferocious defensive abilities.

10)   North Carolina (10) [2-2]: Though they had a slow start to this season, the Tar Heels have picked things up in a big way lately. Their fast paced style of play has made them a very tough defensive matchup and can tire teams out quickly. This squad is led by Sophomore David Volz, the rookie has proven himself in this league, as he has been hitting tre bombs in his sleep and driving down the lane with ease. Another huge component for UNC is Tommy Murphy, we all know this kid is a solid player, but man can he sweat. I even heard that Murphy's sweat combined with the fabric in his jersey to create a "force field like" affect around him. Leaving him open constantly for shots.

11) Michigan State (12) [0-4]: I don't have too much to say for these last few teams, other than that they need to figure things out soon before the playoffs roll around. The Spartans finally got Patrick Burke back to play, but Charlie Olsen was missing from competition. The only reason this team isn't last is because we have yet to see this duo play side by side. I think this team could succeed once they are playing together.

12) Providence (11) [0-4]:   The Friars have yet to even come close to winning this season and have struggled both offensively and defensively. I'm pretty sure Brian Minicus has only been to one game, which is problematic as he is no question this teams best player. If Minicus starts to attend more games, maybe this team has a chance to pull things together.

Weekly Awards:
MVP: Kevin Grune
Big Man of the Week: Teddy Brannigan
"It's actually called Hyperhidrosis and It's a condition": Tommy Murphy (If Andrew Darby were not wasting his time on varsity the two would co-own this award)
Defensive Player of the Week: That chocolate milk bottle that covered Jack Joyce like no other player  could

Thursday, January 7, 2016

11/12 House Basketball Power Rankings 4.0

Another week, another massive shuffle in the rankings... All hell is breaking loose.

() Indicates previous ranking; [] indicates record

1. (2) [3-1] Nuggets
The Nuggets pulled off an "upset" on Wednesday night by defeating the previously #1 ranked Knicks by six points, but let's be honest, this was not an upset. The Nuggets high scoring offense was in full force, while the team's defense continues to improve after allowing a team season low of 38 against a usually powerful Knicks offense. Not 100% sure, but I think I heard that Nick Percarpio had a solid game, and that Hudson Hamill was busy exposing the Knicks defensive efforts. All in all, the Nuggets will undoubtably stay atop of these rankings if they continue to improve their defensive efforts, as we already know how great their offense can be.

2. (5) [3-1] Celtics
The Celtics have proven me wrong, and I apologize. The team was able to dispose of the Spurs on Wednesday night, beating them by a score of 41-36. Quinn Fay had a day, playing incredible offense while also appearing to be playing injured... The dedication this man is showing is absurd. Brian Keating continued to do his thing, as this 1-2 combo of the Celtics is proving to be way too much for other teams to handle. The teams defense is continuing to improve since the beginning of the season, and has been one of the great surprises heading into the middle of the season.

3. (6) [3-1] Raptors
The Raptors are another team I screwed up with in the preseason rankings. Shows you how much I actually know about this stuff... why read this anyway? So, the Raptors made the Suns look foolish on Wednesday night, beating them by an absurd 20 points. I heard a fight almost ended this game, which makes me kind of upset that I missed it. Jack Beatty continues to play the game of basketball well, with solid help from James Solberg, Brett Durbin and new House dark horse Emmett Sheehan. Also, shout out to Kevin Pidgeon, that kid is pretty cool. If the Raptors continue to score, I think they will fair just fine during the rest of the season.

4. (1) [2-2] Knicks
In all fairness, the Knicks were without first round pick Charlie Miller and the all-mighty Spencer Stovall, so I can see now why they lost. The game was closer than it should have been with the losses the Knicks had, which I guess just proves how deep they are. Mark Schmidt continues to prove he isn't from this planet, and Sam Giorgio was 100% from the field, going 0-0. I think that is all I have for this team. Go Knicks?

5. (8) [2-2] Hawks
The Hawks showed up on Wednesday night, defeating the Warriors in a game that was never close. Connor Mulliken was, you know what, just read my other posts about him, he is an incredible basketball player, can we just leave it at that? MVP candidate? No doubt. Andrew Mathew was also a star for this team on Wednesday (also a star on the badminton courts), scoring around 12 points while also turning 18 in the process. It's a mans game now. Fiery guard Chris Drake dropped 18 on the Warriors, while proclaiming that the team "had like 30 steals", which is kind of absurd but I believed it after seeing the score. I think his twin played well, but you can never tell. If the Hawks continue to play like they did on Wednesday, which they probably will, they will make a huge push come playoff time.

6. (3) [2-2] Warriors
The Warriors got embarrassed on Wednesday by the Hawks, but there were still some positives from the nights action. First off, Cary O'Brien had potentially the most disgusting block on Brendan Seiler that I have ever seen. Like honestly, this was nasty. Bravo Cary. Secondly, Dylan Griffin is proudly the league leader in fouls, which is an incredible accomplishment, and finally, the Burke brothers are beasts. Other than that, the team decided defense was not part of the game Wednesday, but do not be surprised if Christian Fiorenza & Co. come back with a W in the coming weeks.

7. (4) [2-2] Cavaliers
So the Cavs lost to the Nets on Wednesday night, but I will take some of the blame for that... I'm terrible at basketball. Sorry! Jamie Schofield though was electric, and I honestly do not understand how he glides through the air like he does. It is like as if the defender is just invisible, and Schofield just, you know, makes it. Peter Ridder was also impressive on some of his drives, while Danny O'Boyle remains a big time three point threat. Matt Meyjes was able to give the team a solid paint presence (sorry again... my bad guys), while Christian Trifone's defense was a highlight of his debut. I hear another big paint presence in Andrew Mercein is arriving on the scene soon too for the Cavs, so watch out.

8. (10) [1-3] Nets
The Nets got out of their slump on Wednesday by defeating the Cavs by four. Tyler Grant made his debut, while I also think Aidan Coyle did the same thing. Either way, the play of both men was pivotal in this teams success, while outside help from Brian Peters and the slightly injured Cord Fox contributed to the win. With the debut of Grant and Coyle, the team should be able to put together more wins in the future if they can continue to play solid defense and score consistent shots.

9. (9) [1-3] Spurs
The Spurs will remain in the #9 spot after losing a close one to the Celtics on Wednesday. The team got a huge addition in Jack Kniffin, but has also lost Jack Klingman for four weeks due to injury, which is what is probably causing this collapse. Highlights from the game included some great play from big man Jack Wells, who had what many may call a circus shot at the end of the game, but I am pretty sure that was a normal shot for Wells. The shorthanded Spurs were able to hang tight with the Celtics, which is why they stay stranded at #9 instead of falling to the #10 spot. Speaking of #10...

10. (7) [1-3] Suns
Oh how the mighty have fallen. The Suns started in the preseason as #4, then jumped to #1, then began to gracefully fall back to #4, then to #7, and finally to #10. What happened? I have no clue. The team has a star in Timmy Graham, but Graham hasn't been able to find any scoring support. The team also has not played defense this year, which usually causes teams to lose. And come on Charlie Dean, I'm out here calling you the dark horse, and then you do this? Sure, you've beaten me in badminton, but House is all that matters. Maybe the Suns will figure it out, maybe not. Who knows, it's House basketball, anything can happen.

Game Predictions:

Spurs vs Raptors
The Raptors will continue to impress all those doubters (I'm sorry okay?), and will pull off another W. Raptors win.

Nets vs Knicks
The Nets will try to ride the momentum to another win, but will unfortunately get hit by the Schmidt train and the rest of the Knicks. If Charlie Miller shows up, its all Knicks. Knicks win.

Cavaliers vs Warriors
This is going to be an incredible showdown (I think some people understand this) but as per usual, I do not pick games involving my team... Screw it, Cavs win.

Hawks vs Suns
The Hawks are going to be able to take advantage of the invisible defense the Suns play. Hawks win.

*Game of the Week*

Nuggets vs Celtics
In what should be an incredible match up between Hudson Hamill and Quinn Fay, I think the Nuggets have more depth and scoring options. Nuggets win a close one.