Friday, January 30, 2015

Blue Wave Basketball Falls to Stamford in “Silent Night” Action

By Stephen Barston

Backed by hundreds of Darien High School students in the stands, the Blue Wave Boys Basketball team was keen on proving that it can beat the best of the FCIAC, in the form of the visiting Stamford High School squad. However, on Friday, January 30, the Black Knights were too much to handle for the young Blue Wave team. Darien ultimately lost by a score of 68-37, and the team now stands at 3-10 overall.

This game, dubbed the “Silent Night” game by senior superfans George Reed and Patrick Winter, featured the largest student section of the season so far. In an effort to increase support for the often-underappreciated team and to put the rowdiness that the Blue Wave bomb squad is known for on display for Dave Ruden, this massive group of DHS students remained silent until the Blue Wave scored the 7th point of the night, a free throw by sophomore Jackson Ryan. At this point, these students, dressed in outrageous costumes, broke the silence and entered into a state of pure hysteria.

Unfortunately, the passionate encouragement provided by the fans was not enough to rattle the opposing Black Knights. Shot after shot fell for Stamford, and Darien—flustered by the full-court press run by opposing coach Jim Moriarty—could not match the pace. As the game wore on, sophomores Carter Scott, Alex Preston, and Andrew Steuber began to find their collective groove, making shots and drawing fouls down the stretch, but this was ultimately not enough. This loss is the fourth in a row for the Blue Wave, but the members of the team are not discouraged.

“We lacked energy and have fallen into a four-game slump. We have two winnable games next week [against Trumbull and Greenwich], so we have to fight back,” junior forward Charlie Dean said.

Come see the Blue Wave in action, as DHS, trying to snap the losing streak, takes on Trumbull at home on Tuesday, February 3 at 7 PM.

DHS students pour in to fill the already-packed stands before Friday night's game.

11/12 House Basketball Power Rankings 7.0

by Britton Barthold

1. (1) Suns [8-0]
The Suns pulled off a close win against the Knicks on Sunday, as they won the game by a score of 42-40. The game marks the closest thing to a loss the Suns have experienced this season. The average margin of victory for the team this season has been nine points a game, which provides a solid cushion for the team. The team should finish strong heading into the playoffs, and have a solid shot at ending the season undefeated.

Remaining Schedule:
Heat, Lakers

Projected Record [10-0]

2. (3) Nuggets [6-2]
The Nuggets return back to their #2 spot after spending a week at #3. The team has remained in the top five for most of the season, proving their ability to stay consistent. On Sunday, the Nuggets absolutely drop-kicked the Jazz by a score of 68-52. The team struggled on defense, but their offensive attack saved them at the end of the day. Even though the team stands at 6-2, their defense has been mediocre, as, although they have scored 355 points, they have also allowed 355 points. If the team wants to make a run for the championship, they need to improve their defense before the season ends.

Remaining Schedule:
Mavericks, Knicks

Projected Record [8-2]

3. (5) Bulls [5-3]
The Bulls move up to the #3 spot after upsetting the Lakers on Sunday. I honestly thought we had lost when sitting on the bench at the end of the game, but the team managed to pull off a 34-28 win. The Lakers played with six guys minus junior Timmy Graham, which allowed for the Bulls to utilize their full roster and win with speed. The team has won five of their last six after starting the season 0-2, which shows great improvement from the young team. Overall, the team will need to rely on the skill of junior Jamie Schofield and senior Jack Feeley down low to make a run in the playoffs.

Remaining Schedule:
Jazz, Mavericks

Projected Record [6-4]

4. (2) Lakers [5-3]
The Lakers drop down to #4 after losing to the Bulls on Sunday. This marks the team’s second loss in three games, with one of those losses coming against the Celtics. This slump may raise concerns for the team, however during both contests, the team was missing vital pieces on their roster. Sunday’s missing piece was junior Timmy Graham, which put pressure on senior John Mackie to carry the team. However, Mackie dominated, yet could not push the Lakers to a victory. When this team shows up, they should continue the dominance they had at the beginning of the season, and should make a solid run in the playoffs.

Remaining Schedule:
Cavaliers, Suns

Projected Record [6-4]

5. (6) Heat [4-4]
The Heat make a jump back into the Top 5 after beating the Wizards by one point on Sunday. An interesting fact to take into consideration is that three of the Heat’s wins have come by a one point margin, which is a scary thing to know heading into the playoffs. The team’s inability to finish games and play defense can hurt them going into the playoffs, but their offense should carry them into the postseason. The team is also showing great ability without having senior Sam Bowtell on the court, which was an issue the team struggled with in the early parts of the season.

Remaining Schedule:
Suns, Nets

Projected Record [5-5]

6. (4) Jazz [4-4]
The Jazz got spanked by the Nuggets on Sunday, letting up a league season high of 68 points. The story of the Jazz’s season has been their struggle on the defensive side of the ball, as they have allowed 49 points per game this season. Luckily, their offense has been able to save them on multiple occasions, but it won’t be able to help them come playoffs against elite teams who can score and play defense. The Jazz get a good test against the Bulls on Sunday, which should give us a good look to see if this team can still be considered a contender.

Remaining Schedule:
Bulls, Celtics

Projected Record [6-4]

7. (10) Celtics [3-5]
The Celtics are beginning to figure things out, as they are riding a three game win streak against the Lakers, Mavericks and Nets. Greens Farms Academy senior Henry Soule is beginning to take full responsibility on the offensive side of the ball, as he scores the majority of the team’s points. The team is finally rounding out its kinks, and could be a dark horse heading into the postseason. The team finishes the season against the Wizards and the Jazz, and they should be able to win one of those to round out an impressive finish to the season.

Remaining Schedule:
Wizards, Jazz

Projected Record [4-6]

8. (7) Wizards [3-5]
The Wizards dropped to 3-5 after losing to the Heat by one point. The game still shows the Wizards’ ability to play with top-tier teams in this league, which should help their stock come the playoffs. The team stands at a one point difference between points allowed and points scored with the latter being larger. The team however has had some pretty close losses, which further validates their ability to compete come playoffs. The team finishes the season off against the Celtics and Cavaliers, and they should be able to take one of those games to end the season barely under .500.

Remaining Schedule:
Celtics, Cavaliers

Projected Record [4-6]

9. (8) Knicks [2-6]
The Knicks came close to upsetting the mighty Suns, as they only lost by two points, which is one of the closest games for the Suns all season. The team continues to show sparks of brilliance, but has been unable to finish games in the second half. They also stand at a one-point difference between points scored and points allowed, showing their inability to pull away during games. The team still should be a dark horse heading into the playoffs, as they have lost some pretty close games and almost took down the last undefeated team in the league.

Remaining Schedule:
Nets, Nuggets

Projected Record [3-7]

10. (12) Mavericks [3-5]
The Mavericks won via forfeit, so like the other times teams have decided not to show up, theirs isn’t much to write about. Just a quick thing here, two of the Mavericks wins have been via forfeit, with their other win being against the Jazz. So I really have no clue what to expect from this team come playoffs.

Remaining Schedule:
Nuggets, Bulls

Projected Record [3-7]

11. (9) Cavaliers [3-5]
The Cavaliers dropped their fifth straight game after starting the season 3-0. I know, you are getting bored of reading about the team’s self-destruction over the past five games. The sad thing is they didn’t even show up to the game Sunday. So, not much to write about.

Remaining Schedule:
Lakers, Wizards

Projected Record [3-7]

12. (11) Nets [2-6]
In what many dubbed the battle between the league's worst teams, the Nets were defeated by the Celtics in a game that wasn’t even very close. The Nets continue to struggle as they are getting little production out of senior Jack Griffiths, and are having to rely on the talents of St. Luke’s junior Andrew Washer, who has carried some of the load for the team. The team will have to look to senior Stephen Barston and Washer to make a miracle playoff run come the postseason.

Remaining Schedule:
Knicks, Heat

Projected Record [2-8]

Monday, January 26, 2015

Power Rankings 6.0

By Britton Barthold

1. (1) Suns [7-0]
The Suns continue their quest for the perfect season, as they soundly defeated the Nets by a score of 46-37. The team continues to be one of the league’s most dominant scoring force, and with solid defense, the team stands at a points scored/points allowed ratio of 65 points. By my analysis, I believe the reason behind the teams success is the emergence of Rookie of the Year Candidate Peter Grant. I bet some people disagree, but I stand by him being the teams game changer. I guess you could say guards Danny O’Boyle and Conor Davey contribute, but its been Grant whose dominated all year long, with help from junior sensation Spencer Stovall.

2. (4) Lakers [5-2]
The Lakers rebounded from their loss to the Celtics with an impressive win over the previously #2 ranked Nuggets. The team had most of their talent in the building for the game, which allowed for them to avoid another loss. When this team has its full roster, it can be incredibly dangerous due to their size and speed on both sides of the ball. Timmy Graham’s ability to play both the perimeter and in the paint has been key for this teams success, along with the dominant defense by Tyler Grant.

3. (2) Nuggets [5-2]
The Nuggets lost only their second game of the season even with the highly anticipated return of big man James Fox. On the bright side of things, the Nuggets two losses this year have come from the currently #1 and #2 ranked teams in the league. On the dark side of that, those two losses have come in blowout fashion, which raises concerns about whether or not the Nuggets can win in a big game situation. This should be tested on Sunday, when the Nuggets take on the Jazz.

4. (5) Jazz [4-3]
The Jazz move up one spot after defeating a the Wizards by a margin of three points. The team had most of their key players, with Julien Noujaim in the paint and three point specialist Anthony DiMeglio on the perimeter. I expected the team to defeat the Wizards by a bigger margin of points, but a win is a win. But a close one against one of the leagues lower ranked teams raises some concerns on how this team will finish off the season.  The team takes on the Nuggets on Sunday, and with a win, they should continue to rise up the rankings like they did in the earlier parts of the season.

5. (6) Bulls [4-3]
The Bulls pulled off a big win against the Heat on Wednesday night, as Jamie Schofield went off against the Heats defense. Jack Feeley continues to lead this team emotionally on the court, while Schofield and the Drake twins provide scoring on the offensive side of the ball. Jack Wells was dominate in the paint defensively, while also grabbing rebounds from both sides. The team is still the youngest in the league, but their talent level should propel them into a solid playoff run.

6. (3) Heat [3-4]
Alright so maybe ranking the Heat as high as I did wasn’t the best of my ideas. Still, the team was electric on offense on Wednesday, as guards Davis Nixon and TJ Adiletta provided perimeter shots while Michael Maccarone was solid on the defensive side. Adiletta also made a nasty no look behind the back layup that many may call a circus shot, but that is just everyday work for Adiletta. The team struggled on the boards and in the paint for most of the game even with Sam Bowtell playing. The fact that the team had nine guys makes it hard for the team to have a continual presence in the paint, which may affect them heading into playoff season.

7. (9) Wizards [3-4]
The Wizards make a two spot jump even though they were defeated by the Jazz on Wednesday night. Honestly, I didn’t have a lot of options to put in this spot, so the Wizards seemed best. The team was able to hang with the Jazz for most of the game, only losing by three points. Looking at the Wizards season so far, they have been nothing short of mediocre, as the team has scored a total of 221 points while allowing 221 points. I don’t think you can get more average than that. Right now, the Wizards stand in the middle of the 3-4 teams, and with playoffs rapidly approaching; the team needs some big wins.

8. (11) Knicks [2-5]
The Knicks make a three spot jump after beating the Cavaliers on Wednesday night. The team showed up this week, and well, it showed, as the return of Bobby and Christian Trifone along with Connor Mulliken sparked the offense. I didn’t see Calvin Crosby when I looked in the gym, but he was probably there… I mean the team did score 61. Mark Schmidt provided work in the paint all night for the Knicks, as he makes up for lack of height with sheer power. Overall, the Knicks should rebound from their recent skid, and make a solid push in the playoffs.

9. (7) Cavaliers [3-4]
The Cavaliers continue to tank, as they dropped their fourth straight after starting the season off with three straight wins. Now instead of yapping on about they drought, I’m going to present some numbers from their three game win streak and their four game bombing. The teams offense has stayed almost the same, but the defense has plummeted. During their three game win streak, the Cavs allowed 42 points a game. During this four game losing streak, they are allowing 55 points a game, which is absurd. The teams defense needs to find itself in the final games of the season, or else this talented roster will be heading home early in the playoffs.

10. (12) Celtics [2-5]
I know. I moved the Celtics. Shoot me. Well, the Celtics are riding a two game winning streak, with impressive wins over the Lakers and Mavericks. Peter Archey continues to carry the teams offense, and that strategy seems to be working better than it did during the first five games. The Celtics have a great opportunity to bring their streak to three games as they take on the struggling Nets on Sunday.

11. (10) Nets [2-5]
The Nets drop only one spot after losing to the league's best team in the Suns. The Nets were able to stick around most of the game, but the Suns pulled away late for a nine point victory. The Nets continue to show signs of potential, but need a bit more out of big man Jack Griffiths. The team has a big showdown Sunday against the Celtics, in a game that may decide the league's worst team.

12. (8) Mavericks [2-5]
The Mavericks have disappointed since their win against the Jazz a few weeks back. They have dropped back to back games, with their opponents being the Heat and the Celtics. The Mavs are also 1-5 since their forfeit win against the Lakers to open the season, so really, this team should only have one win. The Mavericks play the Cavaliers on Sunday, which is a battle between two ailing teams in desperate need of a win.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

House Basketball Rankings 5.0

By Britton Barthold
Let’s get to it.

*() Indicates previous ranking*

1. (1) Suns [6-0]
Guess who? The Suns won in a high scoring affair against a solid Jazz team, further solidifying the Suns position as best in the league. The team is averaging an absurd 48.6 points a game while only allowing 37.8 per game. I’m getting tired of going over why this team is so good and who makes it so good, so that is all you get guys.

2. (3) Nuggets [5-1]
The Nuggets won a one-point thriller against the Cavaliers on Sunday. It was a high scoring contest. Interesting fact here, out of the Nuggets five wins, four of them have had a differential of less than four points. The team likes to keep it close, but that doesn’t matter when the team is winning. The team is finding success in junior Hudson Hamill and senior Matt Hayes, who continues to have a solid year. The Nuggets remain as the last one loss team, with their only loss coming at the hands of the #1 ranked Suns.

3. (7) Heat [3-3]
Holy jump you may be thinking. Well, my job gets hard when four of the top six teams lose in a week. Now that either me ranking teams poorly or teams just being so inconsistent. I’m going to go with the latter. Now to the Heat. Apparently, senior two sport superstar Sam Bowtell hit a nasty game winning three to beat the Mavericks. Bowtell’s arrival has been huge for the Heat, and well, is the reason they are up at #3 for right now. I questioned the teams ability against a big team like the Mavericks, but they proved themselves worthy in the battle. Now let’s see if they can hold this ranking.

4. (2) Lakers [4-2]
So apparently the Lakers got spanked by the Celtics. Ya, those Celtics. Peter Archey’s Celtics. You know, the team that started the season 0-5. You get the point. It wasn’t even that close, as the Lakers managed to lose by 9 points to the league's worst team. Now why am I keeping the team up this high? Well, apparently the team was without some major pieces, and I still think this team is pretty good. They remain one of the leagues biggest teams, so they should still be a force to be reckoned with. But seriously, losing to the Celtics must suck.

5. (4) Jazz [3-3]
The Jazz were not able to finish off the Suns on Sunday, losing the game by six points. That is why I decided not to drop them too far, even though it is their second loss in a row. The Jazz are still a good team on paper, even though one of their two losses in a row came from the Mavericks. Whatever, they still have solid talent. They have a good game against the Wizards tomorrow night, so they should be able to rebound then.

6. (8) Bulls [3-3]
The Bulls return to their #6 spot for the second time after winning via forfeit against the Nets. Not much to say here, because I didn’t even show up to this game. Neither did Jack Feeley. There is your shout out Feeley. So… next team.

7. (6) Cavaliers [3-3]
The Cavaliers have plummeted, losing three straight since starting undefeated. Their latest loss came at the hands of the Nuggets, as the team was not able to score two more points to put them in the winning column. I seriously don’t know what happened to this team, so I won’t try. Maybe they will win their next game, who knows.

8. (5) Mavericks [2-4]
The Mavericks could not live up to the expectations when I put them at #5, so here they are back in the lower ranks. The team lost a heartbreaker when Sam Bowtell put a dagger through the hearts of every Mavericks player. So, back to the Mavs. Their last two losses have been by an average differential of 2 points, showing that at least they can keep it close. Well, hopefully they can start finishing, since when playoffs start, there are no second chances.

9. (10) Wizards [3-3]
The Wizards beat the Knicks because the Knicks failed to make an appearance. Well, there isn’t much to write about when the other team doesn’t show up. Technically, they have won three of their last four… That is something to think about.

10. (9) Nets [2-4]
One guy showed up. Classic.

11. (11) Knicks [1-5]
Another team that didn’t show up. Classic.

12. (12) Celtics [1-5]
THE CELTICS WON A GAME! THE CELTICS WON A GAME! Ya well I made a promise with Peter Archey that I would never move the team in the rankings, so they stay at 12.

Blue Wave JV Hockey Ties New Canaan 4 to 4

By Sam Hickey
Last Saturday, January 17th the Blue Wave junior varsity hockey team took on fierce rival New Canaan in an action packed 4-4 tie. Similar to their last meeting on the 12th of December, which ended in a Darien 6-4 victory, this game had constant intense action. New Canaan has always provided great competition for Darien athletics, and this game was no different. This contest was an extremely physical one, which is common for two teams with such a fierce rivalry. But despite Darien’s best efforts they were unable to come away with a win, but they still remain undefeated against New Canaan, which is a victory in and of itself.

When asked what Darien could have done better sophomore Colby Ravosa stated “ I think if we could have defended better and prevented unnecessary penalties then maybe we could have stopped New Canaan from scoring some of their goals”.

Come support the JV hockey team at their next game on January 24 against Notre Dame-West Haven at Stamford Twin Rinks.
Darien Ice Rink before the game.

JV Girls Basketball Improves with a Nail-biting Win over Brien McMahon

By Claire Borecki
Last Friday, January 16th, Darien’s JV girls basketball won a 4 vs. 4 match against Brien McMahon, improving their season. This was despite only having 5 players, resulting in the 4v4 game and extremely limited substitutions for Darien. With Darien players expected to tire out after the half, despite their lead at halftime (20-15) hopes weren’t high for a win. However, as Darien’s technical skills have increased over the season, so has the player’s endurance, particularly sophomore Megan Hobbs. There was also an improvement in penalty shots, with Darien making all but one. Prior to this game, missed penalty shots have caused a lot of lost points for the wave. Freshman Katie Ramsy, the tallest girl on the court, played exceptionally, using a lot of speed to keep her team ahead of McMahon. McMahon started strong with an unusual amount of three pointers, but lost the lead quickly and trailed Darien by a few points for the rest of the game. For the last two minutes, Darien was up by one (38-37) and managed to hold their lead until the clock ran out. Sophomore Megan Hobbs adds, “This was a really exciting game, and things really seem to be looking up for the team.”
Come support Blue Wave Basketball! All the teams could use some more support from a student section.
Some of the action from the game.

Girls Varsity Basketball Falls to Warde

By Mary Brown
On Tuesday, January 13th, the Girls Varsity Basketball team traveled to Fairfield to take on Warde in a hard game in which they battled until the very end. Warde is known to be a very strong team in the league, so the Blue Wave knew they were up against tough competition. However, this certainly did not stop them from giving it all they had and demonstrating just how much they have improved so far this season.

With slight difficulty coming out at their highest potential at the start of the game, the Wave was only able to score 17 points in the first half. However, with a final score of 59-67, the girls showed their will to win and had a very impressive second half scoring a total of 40 points. “Although we came out a little flat, we really pushed through and left it all on the court” said senior captain Avery Maley.

With notable performances from Maley as well as juniors Kaeleigh Morrill and Emily Coyle, the Wave showed that they are certainly not a team that can be overlooked this winter. Come support the girls in their next home game on Friday, January 16th against Brien McMahon.

Junior Emily Coyle with the ball looking for a pass. ©DAF

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Power Rankings 4.0

By Britton Barthold
*() Indicates previous ranking*

1. (1) Suns [5-0]
The Suns remain the lone undefeated team in the league, as they technically ¨beat¨ a Celtics team that had to forfeit due to lack of players. According to sources, the Celtics were able to keep it close in the scrimmage due to the forfeit, but a win is a win for the Suns, whose high powered offense continues to roll. However, there is not much to say here, as a forfeit win doesn’t give me much to write about.

2. (3) Lakers [4-1]
The Lakers jump up to #2 after the Jazz fell Sunday. The team was able to pull off a 24-20 victory against a mediocre Wizards team, which may cause some worry for the Lakers. However, the team is riding a four game winning streak after starting the season with a loss, giving this team plenty of momentum. The team’s size with Timmy Graham and John Mackie should carry this team into a solid postseason run when February rolls around. The Lakers streak should extend to five wins in a row, as they take on the league’s worst team, the Celtics, on Sunday.

3. (5) Nuggets [4-1]
The Nuggets won a shootout against the Bulls, with the score being 55-51 in the Nuggets favor. Playing against this team in person gave me quite the reality check, and that reality check is that this team is massive. The team does not lack size, allowing them to utilize the boards and allowing them to get easy baskets in the paint. Alex Hager provided work in the paint, while Matt Hayes had a big day offensively, and I would complement his defense, but he was guarding me, so not much of a challenge there. Hudson Hamill was able to provide speed when he showed up late in the game, which is perfect for the teams balance. Overall, this team could be one of the most underrated teams in the league right now.

4. (2) Jazz [3-2]
The Jazz fell to the Mavericks on Sunday in a shootout, as the game ended in a three point differential. The Jazz unfortunately did not have any of their big guys in attendance, forcing Anthony DiMeglio to guard Jack Garfield. DiMeglio was able to contain Garfield for most of the game, showing that the Jazz can play solid defense even without their giants in the paint. The team also broke 200 points for the season, which in five games is 42 points a game, showing that this team could be one of the best offenses in the league.

5. (10) Mavericks [2-3]
Ya, I know. It’s kind of a giant jump for this team. However, the team managed to grab a huge win against the previously #2 ranked Jazz, as the team was finally able to show off its full potential. With this big jump comes big pressure, as it took a lot of guts for me to put them up here. Don’t screw this up gentlemen. The team should dominate once Charlie Travers gets back into House Ball form, and once Jack Garfield can get going in the paint. Overall, this team could be underrated heading into the postseason.

6. (4) Cavaliers [3-2]
The Cavaliers have bombed the last two weeks, as they were upset by the Nets on Sunday. The team was able to keep things close however, only losing by 3. The team also scored 47 points during the loss, showing that the team’s offense is okay, but its defense still needs work. So far, the Cavs have barely lived up to their potential, as this two game losing streak has stopped them dead in their tracks. The Cavs have a good opportunity to get back into the top five, as they play the Nuggets on Sunday.

7. (8) Heat [2-3]
The Heat grabbed a much needed win against the Knicks on Sunday, only winning the game by a point. The team grabbed its first win since week one, when they smacked the Celtics. The arrival of Sam Bowtell has revitalized this offense, and with the team getting used to having Bowtell back, they should be dangerous on the offensive side. The team has a great opportunity, as they play the Mavericks on Sunday, which should test the team’s size against one of the league’s biggest teams.

8. (6) Bulls [2-3]
The Bulls dropped a close one against the Nuggets on Sunday, as the team’s defense could not stop the Nuggets relentless three point game. Senior Jack Feeley continued his career year, while Jamie Schofield continued to dominate opposing defenses. The team lacks true size and experience, as Feeley is the only senior on the roster. The team plays the Nets on Sunday and a win should bump them up in the rankings.

9. (11) Nets [2-3]
The Nets surge up to the #9 spot in the rankings after their huge upset over the Cavaliers on Sunday. The team was able to score 50 points Sunday, which is their season high. I heard Jack Griffiths carried the team all night long, which is not surprising at all. The team plays the Bulls on Sunday, which could move them up a few spots with a win.

10. (7) Wizards [2-3]
The Wizards drop a few spots after losing to the Lakers. The team’s offense was off, as they barely scored 20 points throughout the 40 minute game. The team’s defense however was able to hold its own against a powerful Lakers offense, which gives this team some hope heading into the final stretch of the season. With the size and speed of Andrew Mathew and the overall talent of Colin Minicus, this team should move up the rankings in the next couple of weeks.

11. (9) Knicks [1-4]
The Knicks dropped their second straight game after falling to the Heat this past Sunday. You can’t really blame anyone for these two straight losses, and the team has lost both games by a combined 7 points. The team has shown sparks of light, especially when they beat the Mavericks earlier in the season. Mark Schmidt has played the dark horse all season for this team, and when Dolan Gregorich shows up, the team should be dominant once again.

12. (12) Celtics [0-5]

Their season has gotten so bad that they aren’t even showing up for their games anymore. That’s right, they had to forfeit. However, Peter Archey still showed up for his team, and carried the offense all night long. However, according to sources, the reason behind the team’s struggles is Archey’s double life as Batman. Archey refused to comment on the rumor. 

Girls Indoor Track Distance Team Continues Strong at the Elm City Invite

By Amanda Percarpio
On Saturday, January 12th, the Varsity distance runners from the Girls Indoor Track team competed in the Elm City Invitational in New Haven. Here is a breakdown of the results:

55 meter Dash
-Senior Anna Sulger placed 4th overall with a time of 7.67 seconds
                600 Meter Run
-Sulger placed 2nd overall with a time of 1:37.77
-Junior Kristen Mayhew placed 12th overall with a time of 1:46.06
-Senior Lindsey Holek placed 17th overall with a time of 1:48.42
-Freshman KC Grady placed 40th overall with a time of 1:54.78
                1000 Meter Run
-Junior Grace Harmon placed 20th overall with a time of 3:23.03
-Junior Sarah LeHan placed 26th overall with a time of 3:29.35
-Junior Grace Peter placed 28th overall with a time of 3:29.56
-Senior Sam Savage placed 31st overall with a time of 3:30.28

Senior phenom Anna Sulger, a sprinter as well as a mid-distance runner competed in both the 55m dash and and the 600 meter run. The 400 meter dash is her forte, so placing 4th overall in the 55 meter dash, a race not typically run by her, is impressive. In the 600 Meter Run, she came in 2nd to the runner who came in 1st by a mere .77 seconds, a very close race. Both Mayhew and Holek also had excellent races in the 600 Meter Run and qualified for the State meet requirement. A time of 1:49 is necessary in order to run in States. In order to compete in the FCIAC Meet, a time of 1:55.24 is needed. A new freshman to the team, KC Grady, qualified for the FCIAC Meet and was able to prove her true potential. In the 1000 Meter Run, Harmon qualified for States, while both Lehan and Peter qualified for FCIACS. Savage missed the FCIAC mark by just .28 seconds, but her main event (and one in which she has already qualified for) is the 1600 meter, which she did not compete in this week. The meet results are extremely exciting because of the great performances led by all ages of the team. The Girls Indoor Track Team’s next race is the Yale Invitational that will be raced on both Friday, January 16th and Saturday January 17th. The Developmental Meet at Staples is also that Saturday.
The track where the Elm City Invitational took place.  

Pink in the Rink: Blue Wave Girls Ice Hockey Raises Money for Breast Cancer Research

By Bridget Hannigan
On Saturday January 10th, Wave Girls Ice Hockey suited up for their game but with an additional goal in mind besides winning. The team was playing to raise money for the Bennett Cancer Research Center at Stamford Hospital. The fundraiser being called “Pink in the Rink” the team raised over a thousand dollars through a bake sale and donations. Senior Captain Julia Arrix said it was a “very special event because multiple moms on the team are breast cancer survivors”.

The team beat Greenwich 9-0 at home. Scoring were senior Rebecca Schaffer, juniors Georgia Cassidy, Marissa Baker, and Chandler Kirby, sophomore Cassidy Schiff, and freshman Sally Cassidy. Kirby had a hat trick bringing the score to 9-0. Arrix adds, “Overall everyone played well, specifically the freshman played very consistently and had good scoring opportunities”.

So far the team has a record of 6 wins and 1 loss.  Their next game is scheduled for January 14th versus Fairfield Warde/Ludlowe in Fairfield. Be sure to be there at 5 pm this coming Wednesday! Best of luck to the team in their coming games.
Chandler Kirby after a shot.  ©DAF

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blue Wave Ski Team Performs Well At Stonington Mountain

By Ford Thompson
The Blue Wave Ski Team had their first tournament of the year at Southington Mountain in upstate CT finishing with good results. “We’re looking forward to improving our placing” said senior captain Katherine Graham, “Hopefully we can increase our standings and place higher next time.”

Graham placed highest for the team coming in 3rd, and fellow captain senior Taylor Hart came in 20th.  Sophomores Maggie Skeats and Carly Schoudel came in 18th and 19th, respectively, and sophomore Brooks Daley came in 12th for the boys heat. The final results were the boys winning 2-3, and the girls losing 0-2.
Caption: Senior captain Taylor Hart races down Stonington Mountain.

Boy’s Blue Wave Basketball Shows Improvement in Loss to Harding

Jake Frasca
Darien took on Harding this past Friday, as they saw their efforts hand them another heart-breaking defeat. Harding improved to (3-3), as the Wave fell to (1-5) in the 58-46 loss. Despite the 12-point differential, the game was truly up for grabs until the winding minutes of play.

The Presidents had a clear size advantage in the paint, making sophomore center Alex Preston’s job more challenging. Although, Preston still went to work accumulating 19 points, 12 rebounds, and 8 blocked shots. Just two blocks away from recording a very difficult tripe-double, rarely seen in High School play.

Preston led the Wave in scoring ahead of sophomore guards, Carter Scott and Jackson Ryan who combined for 17 points. Junior Rock Stewart contributed with 5 points of his own that proved valuable to the team’s late fourth quarter push. The Wave was able to tie the game up about half way through the fourth quarter, but saw their chances of victory quickly evaporate. Harding caught fire from behind the arc, and began dominating the boards as they built a breathable lead down the stretch. The Darien perimeter shooting was off yet again, as they were only able to sink two out of the eleven three-pointers attempted.

Despite the loss, I saw fight in every player. The game was physical and up beat from the tip-off, a style of the play the Wave are use to. They are clearly improving on all aspects of the game, making each match-up more competitive and nail biting for the fans to watch. Besides the team, I still feel that they could us a larger student section. Fans play a huge role in all sporting events, providing their team with extra adrenaline, something every High School team needs.

Darien has another home match-up against Warde this Tuesday, January 13th. If you are not busy studying for your last midterms, come check out the important conference game at 7PM. 
Sophomore Jackson Ryan throws an in-bound pass.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Boy's House Basketball Rankings 1/9

By Britton Barthold
New Power Rankings? Yes sir. Wednesday night provided some quality action, though some teams struggled and some teams flourished. Let’s take a look at what is going on before Sunday’s slate of games. (These might be shorter than usual… annoying thing called midterms going on. Also, was not able to attend a lot of these games, so mentions may be sparse.)

*() Indicates previous ranking*

1. (1) Suns [4-0]
The only undefeated team left in the league dominated Wednesday night against the previously #2 ranked Cavaliers, scoring almost 60 points during the game. The Suns offense is ranked #3 in the league, as the team puts up 45 PPG while also being ranked as the #1 defense in the league, as they only allow 33 PPG. What makes the team so good? Well, the team has outstanding talent in the backcourts with Conor Davey and Danny O’Boyle, and the paint is dominated by the dangerous duo of Spencer Stovall and Ryan Murray. Who knows… maybe it is rookie Peter Grant who is making this team so dangerous. This team has all the tools to make a solid run in the playoffs, so do not expect a lot of regular season losses.

2. (4) Jazz [3-1]
The Jazz should be undefeated, but grabbed an unfortunate loss due to forfeit earlier in the season. The team scored 62 points Wednesday night in a route over the Nets, allowing them to make the jump to #2. I don’t know but based on the score, I think Julien Noujaim was in attendance. The teams offense has been unstoppable so far this season, as they are ranked #1 in the league for points scored, putting up an amazing 52 points per game. I’m guessing Anthony DiMeglio was hitting threes most of the night, but based on the score, the team is making good steps toward dethroning the Suns.

3. (3) Lakers [3-1]
The Lakers will have to hold out in their #3 spot for this week, as the team beat an undersized Heat team. The Lakers are freakishly large, as John Mackie provides solid help in the paint while Timmy Graham does his thing all around the court. Tyler Grant also proved to be a valuable asset to the team, keeping the Heat backcourt at bay throughout the entire night. Right now, the Lakers stand at the edge of the top teams in the league, but down the road the team might make a solid case for #1.

4. (2) Cavaliers [3-1]
Dropping down two spots is a Cavaliers team who could not hold off the surging Suns on Wednesday night. The team did manage to put up 45 points, adding to their season average of 50 PPG. The team has a impressive resume, as their only loss is to the #1 ranked team in the league. However, some may argue the validation of their wins, as the combined record of the three teams they have beaten is 3-9. The Cavaliers will have to prove themselves heading into Sunday afternoons games, as they hope to take down an ailing Nets team.

5. (5) Nuggets [3-1]
The Nuggets will have to stick it out at #5 this week after a close win against the league's worst team. The teams offense was able to show up this week however with 61 points after only scoring 19 against the Suns. Consistency is what the Nuggets lack, as they haven’t been able to keep a good average of points scored and allowed throughout the season. The Nuggets will face a good test in the Bulls, whose defensive press should do well against the Nuggets.

6. (8) Bulls [2-2]
The Bulls were able to defeat a short-handed Knicks team on Wednesday night. Senior leader Jack Feeley was able to lead the charge for the Bulls, as his three-point game was on point throughout the evening. Oh, and Happy Birthday Feeley. Jamie Schofield also proved his dominance, scoring more than half of the Bulls first half points. The Drake twins provided solid defense along with perimeter shooting. When asked about the team’s performance, Matt Drake told me “Coaches coach and players play, and Coach Edgar got us the win tonight.” What an unselfish act.

7. (9) Wizards [2-2]
The Wizards were able to grab their second straight win against a struggling Mavericks team. The game was incredibly close, as the margin of victory for the Wizards was 3 points. The offense of the Wizards has gained great momentum since Colin Minicus arrived on the scene last game, and the team should not slow down going into the next few weeks. The team also has a stout defense, as it is allowing 38 PPG this season.

8. (6) Heat [1-3]
Sam Bowtell arrived on the scene for the Heat, but was not able to give them a much-needed win. However, Bowtell did hit a wet three in the final minutes of the game, which was pretty sweet. The Heat lack size outside of Bowtell, for when Bowtell was out, the Lakers John Mackie terrorized the boards against an undersized Heat team. The team does have two solid three-point shooters in Davis Nixon, who had a few in the late minutes of the game. If the team can score without missing a lot of shots when Bowtell is out, I can see the Heat winning a few more games heading down the stretch.

9. (7) Knicks [1-3]
The Knicks will drop two spots after losing to the Bulls. The team could only put four players on the court to start the game, but the arrival of the Trifone twins changed that. However, the team was missing Calvin Crosby and big man Dolan Gregorich, which makes it valid for the team to not feel too bad. The Trifone twins showed sparks of supremacy throughout the game, and I would like to give each one credit, but I still can’t tell them apart. Connor Mulliken was able to help out with the team’s offense, while Mark Schmidt provided help in the paint. Overall, this loss should not affect this team, as they were short handed in size and shooting ability.

10. (10) Mavericks [1-3]
The Mavericks drop their second straight game since the arrival of Charlie Travers. Before you freak out, I’m not blaming Charlie. Let’s make that clear. Travers has provided a much-needed spark in the teams offense, and I have no clue if he played Wednesday, so that is that. Jack Garfield should be able to be dominant in the league if he can improve his post game, as his rebounding ability needs something to compliment. Overall, the team's recent struggles are a surprise, but the team should be able to rebound in the long run.

11. (11) Nets [1-3]
The Nets lost their second straight game, as they struggled to stop the relentless attack of the Jazz offense. The team’s defense needs to improve, as they let up 63 against the Jazz, along with two other 40-point games. The offense is somewhat to blame too, as the team hasn’t scored more than 43 points this year. The team has great opportunity to make a big jump, as they play against a Cavalier team coming of its first loss.

12. (12) Celtics [0-4]
They’re not doing too hot. The team remains the only winless team in league play, as they barely lost to the Nuggets Wednesday night. Their offense is doing fine, I’m pretty sure Peter Archey did well, it is just that their defense is allowing an absurd 55 PPG. That isn’t good… at all. Is there good news? No, because they play the Suns on Sunday.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The DHS Gymnastics Team is ready to make a Wave

By Erinn Ravosa

Darien High School is known for its athletic excellence, but unfortunately, some sports go unnoticed. Gymnastics is among these less-known sports.

Since the DHS gymnastic team practices at the Darien YMCA instead of on the high school’s campus, many students are unaware that the team exists. As a result, only a small number of girls try out for the team each year. Today, there are only fifteen girls in the program. This small number makes it impossible to form the traditional Freshmen and JV teams, so every gymnast is automatically on Varsity.

Despite their team not being well-known among DHS halls, the gymnasts practice as if a crowd is always watching them; they put in a tremendous amount of effort. Their practices are usually two hours long and consist of running, stretching, and working on the uneven bars, the beam, and the vault. These activities require a great deal of strength; by the end of the two hour practice, the gymnasts’ arms are usually tired from all of the exercises.

When asked if the team’s hard work is paying off, senior gymnast Annika Florio said, “So far we are doing really well. We had our first meet this past weekend and came in second out of eleven teams, which was a really good way to start the season. We have a lot of strong returning gymnasts who are really solid in all four events, and a lot of [the] new freshmen…have a lot of talent.”
Come see the gymnasts compete at their next meet! It will take place on Saturday, January 17th, in the Darien YMCA’s Gymnastics Center.
Senior Sam Gunn concentrates during a meet.  ©DAF

Girls Indoor Track Team Starts Season Off Strong

By: Amanda Percarpio

On Friday December 19th, the Girls Varsity Indoor Track team competed at the New Haven Varsity Invitational at Hillhouse High School in New Haven, Connecticut. Darien had eight people compete overall.
            Seniors Anna Sulger and Lindsey Holek both ran the open 800 m race. Sulger came in first with a time of 2:24 and Holek came in first in the second heat and 8th overall with a time of 2:32. Another outstanding performance was led by Maddie Schneider, who came in first in the pole vault with a height of 11 feet and 7th in the 55 meter hurdles with a time of 9.54. Junior distance runners Grace Harmon, Kristen Mayhew, and Sarah Lehan also had great races. Mayhew and Harmon ran the 1600, with times of 5:35 and 5:44. Lehan ran the 3200 and ran it with a time of 12:29, a 27 second PR. Junior Laine Blummer competed in the shot put with a throw of 29 feet and 6 inches.
            “It was a great way to start off the season,” Sulger said. “A lot of our runners have shown promising times to build off of and the jumpers and throwers are already competitive in their events so early off. We are looking to be even more successful in the upcoming meets in January!” 
The next meet that the team will compete in is on Saturday January 3rd at Wilton. 

Photo Caption: Seniors Kate Halabi (left) and Samantha Savage (right) ran at the New Haven Junior Varsity Invitational at Hillhouse High School the next day. They both qualified for States in the 1600. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blue Wave Basketball Falls in a Close Loss to Danbury

by Alex Hager

After an intense four quarters, the Darien Boys Basketball team (1-4) fell to the visiting Danbury Hatters (4-1) by a score of 60-57. Freshman phenom Justin Jordan came off the bench for the Blue Wave, dropping 18 points on the evening, all from beyond the arc.

Neither side had a clear advantage in the paint, leaving the game up to each team’s performance from downtown. Although Justin Jordan, sophomores Carter Scott and Jackson Ryan, and junior Geoff Parnon were able to sink threes for the Wave, Danbury came out on top.

The Wave had gone through a rocky stretch to open the season, falling to four out five opponents in the early series. The team’s one win came on the road against traditional powerhouse St. Joseph’s of Trumbull, where the Wave emerged with a 53-51 victory.

For the Hatters, Will Orr led the scoring. The guard put up 17 points on the evening, all in the first quarter. The bespectacled Marcus Fox scored 10 for Danbury, notching the second most points for the visiting side.

Darien also saw promise from sophomore starting center Alex Preston, whose 17 points represented the Wave’s second highest tally.

This narrow defeat will leave a bitter taste in the mouth of the team going forward, but such a strong performance against a high-scoring FCIAC contender like Danbury gives reason for optimism. In what many consider to be a rebuilding year, the senior-less Wave is relying on that optimism going forward.

Darien’s next few games are at home, as the boys will take on a struggling Harding team this Friday and an equally embattled Fairfield Warde squad on the following Tuesday.

Sophomore Alex Preston (right) takes the opening tip.