Monday, December 22, 2014

Boys Indoor Track and Field Starts of Season Strong with New Haven Invitational

By Amanda Sload
The Varsity Boys Indoor Track and Field team headed up to New Haven this Friday (12/19) to compete against individuals and teams from over 50 different towns across the state. The JV team headed up the next day for its own meet.

As the defending Class L State Champions, the team has much work to do in order to retain its title. However, the season is looking bright. Senior captain Mike O’Malley said that he thought that the invitation overall “went well! We went out hard, and put up good times for our first meet of the season. If this meet was any indicator of our performance for the rest of the season, I’d say we’re definitely in a good spot”.

Seniors Carter Ashcraft, Arthur Cassidy, O’Malley, Robby Arrix, juniors Kenny Yamaguchi, Santosh Krishnan, and sophomore Ben Hayes all participated in various events. The 4x00 relay team of Ashcraft, Cassidy, Arrix and Hayes placed 6th, as did Cassidy in the 800 m run and O’Malley in the shot put.

The boys definitely have success in the future to look forward to. Catch them at their next meet on January 3rd starting at 9:30 am when they compete in Wilton against various tough FCIAC competitors.
Senior captain Arthur Cassidy competed at last year’s FCIAC championship; with his experience and skill, he is bound to have a successful season, starting with two 6th place finishes at Friday’s meet. ©DAF

Sunday, December 21, 2014

11/12 House Rankings 12/21

By Britton Barthold
NOTICE: I apologize for the delay in the updated version of the Power Rankings. Due to a lack of updated standings, I did not have much to work with, but now that they are back on track, you should be getting what you want. I was able to attend all but one game Sunday, so I should have some quality notes on most players who performed well.

*() Indicates previous ranking*

1. (4) Suns [3-0]
 The Suns make a huge leap in the rankings after providing two dominant performances. Senior Conor Davey has been perfect for the team, and junior Danny O’Boyle was on fire during Sunday evenings contest. On fire… get it? The team also got a huge spiritual and talking boost in the arrival of junior big man Spencer Stovall. Stovall provided quality rebounds throughout with I think two points, maybe four. Well, he scored. Along with that, junior Brendan Seiler did his usual thing, draining mid range shots along with successfully driving to the basket on multiple occasions. Big man Ryan Murray also provides help in the paint, and it would not be surprising if this team remains in the top three the rest of the season.
2. (2) Cavaliers [3-0]
The Cavs will have to stay at their #2 ranking as they continue to ride a three game undefeated streak to start the season. Unfortunately, this is the one game I did miss Sunday, so I naturally asked all around basketball stud PK Brannigan how the win went. From what I heard, the Cavs had five players, but that did not stop Brannigan from putting down threes, and from junior Michael Parsley hitting floaters. The team also found great play from senior Matt Pettit and some solid defense from junior JP Roach. The team has talent, and we are yet to see anything from senior big man Dylan Cunningham who was sick today. The interesting thing though… the Wednesday after break, the Suns will play the Cavs for the right to be #1 in the league. Get ready.

3. (11) Lakers [2-1]
I told you this team was going to be legit, and that the #11 ranking was a fluke. Alright, you can stop freaking out now. Those first rankings were a very hard thing to work with. Now that this team is in full capacity riding a two game win streak, you can safely say this team is going to be good. Even though today's win was via forfeit, the team still played a ragtag Jazz team and dominated most of the game. The team has three huge players in Timmy Graham, whose socks were sensational, Robbie Arrix and John Mackie who terrorize opposing defenses with their rebounding ability and height. Mackie was electric Sunday, blocking anything that came into his paint while also scoring at will. Defensive specialist Tyler Grant kept in football mode during the game, picking off any deep balls the opposing team tried throwing across the court. The team needs to work on movement of the ball, but for right now, they stand at #3 after two impressive wins.

4. (3) Jazz [2-1]
The Jazz failed to show up today, as only three players (Voigt twins and Anthony DiMeglio) decided to play today. Freak of nature Julien Noujaim was not in attendance, leaving a huge void in the paint for the team. The Jazz however continued to scrimmage the Lakers with help from fellow House players Mike Maccarone and the legendary TJ Adiletta, and looked sharp. The highlight of the team was sharpshooter Anthony DiMeglio, who was dropping threes from long distance all day long. When the team gets Noujaim back, they should be able to get defenses to guard the paint, allowing DiMeglio to go to work.

5. (5) Nuggets [2-1]
The Nuggets round out the final five teams with a winning record in the league so far. However, the team played awful Sunday, allowing 41 points while only scoring 19. The loss of James Fox proves hard for this team who could not get much going in the paint. The arrival of senior Matt Hayes should help, as Hayes nailed a fadeaway bank shot early in the first half. Hayes, known for his soccer playing abilities, also owned the quote of the day in his first House game, saying during the game. “I don’t know this sport works.” Senior big man Alex Hager could not find his shot early, though he did hit a bank shot three to end the game. The Nuggets were also without star Hudson Hamill, so the return of him should bring this back to its winning ways.

6. (1) Heat [1-2]
The Heat drop from their #1 spot after dropping two straight, including a one-point loss Sunday afternoon. According to sources, (Sam Bowtell himself) has apparently not arrived yet for the team. I was not able to attend the Heat game, but I did get a good look at seniors Michael Maccarone and TJ Adiletta as they unselfishly filled in for an ailing Jazz team, and both looked good. The team should return after time off during break to their promising abilities held during the first week of the season. The arrival of Bowtell will revitalize this team, as his strength and ability in the paint will be hard for opposing defenses to match. Bowtell himself said, “well we need a dominant paint presence and the rest of our team is hella good.” Motivating words from the man himself.

7. (7) Knicks [1-2]
The Knicks will have to stick it out in their #7 ranking, as the team sits at 1-2 after winning their first game of the season Sunday. I had the privilege of watching George Reed coach this team, and it was interesting to say the least. The team started the game without Reed, but when he arrived, he imposed a relentless full court press that had the Mavericks at a loss for the entire game. Senior Calvin Crosby was destroying the Mavericks on the perimeter, and even without big man Dolan Gregorich, the team was able to stop Mavericks big man Jack Garfield from scoring with solid defense from junior Mark Schmidt. Reed came up to me after the game and had a single question before leaving, “Like what you saw?” I did George. Also, shout out to Christian Trifone and his patriotic shoes, along with Bobby’s American flag bandana. The Knicks are a good basketball team, but are also the leagues most patriotic team.

8. (8) Bulls [1-2]
The Bulls will be another team that will not move in the rankings, as they gained their first win of the season against a four man Celtics team. The team did win by a lot, but the story of the night was the inability to make a layup on both sides. I seriously think both teams combined for 4-22 on layups during the game. On the bright side, lone senior Jack Feeley was dominant against a small Celtics team, and junior star Jamie Schofield drove with ease to the basket throughout the contest. Both Matt and Chris Drake provided quality defense alongside junior Sean Edgar.

9. (9) Wizards [1-2]
The Wizards grabbed their first win of the season with a 10-point victory over the Nets. The Wizards finally got to debut their star, Colin Minicus in a game where Minicus shined. Minicus was able to do it all, hitting threes while also driving to the basket and making circus layups. The team also got huge help from the athleticism of junior Andrew Mathew, who plays with a huge amount of speed for his height. The team also only played with six, due to the absence of the Constanino twins during Sunday’s game. Overall, the team should find success with the arrival of Minicus and the play of Mathew.

10. (6) Mavericks [1-2]
The Mavericks struggled against the relentless full court press from the Knicks during Sunday’s game. Seniors Brian Walsh and Liam Donoghue provided some offense for the team, as the Mavs were without seniors Jack Garfield and Charlie Travers until halftime. Travers provided a much-needed spark entering the second half, hitting a three-point bomb on his first shot attempt of the year. That was one of the few bright spots, as the team lost another game, leaving them at 1-2 with their only win coming from a forfeit. However, we have not seen this team play fully with Travers, so hopefully the team can bounce back from this skid after the break.

11. (10) Nets [1-2]
The Nets looked to find a spark with the debut of the “White Chocolate Wonder” Jack Griffiths, but the team could not hold off the Wizards Sunday. Easily, the Nets remain one of the most entertaining teams, as Griffiths provided some quality moments and a foul that should have been called a charge on the big man. Griffiths also scored in the paint for the Nets, while almost making a three. Almost. Senior Stephen Barston was able to hit a few threes throughout the contest along with junior Andrew Washer. Colin Corcoran was perfect in the paint for the Nets, grabbing rebounds and hitting shots throughout the day. The team struggled without senior big man Jack Duggan, and hopes the return of the big man will give them a much-needed win after the break.

12. (12) Celtics [0-3]
The lone winless team in the league this year, the Celtics could not even field five players for their game Sunday. I had the honor to play against them, and for me, it was fun, but the Celtics struggled to hit easy layups and lacked size due to the absence of Aidan Coyle. So, I asked senior Peter Archey about it all and he does not want me talking about his team and his play. Instead, he wants me to present his football stats from this year. So, I honored Pete’s decision. Archey ran for 689 yards for the Blue Wave while also scoring 13 rushing touchdowns. He also had 55 total tackles. Either way, the team needs to win a game before being labeled a bust.

Friday, December 19, 2014

That Was Easy....

By Colin Flynn

Wave Puck was able to pull a fantastic performance against highly ranked Hamden in a 4-3 victory last Wednesday night.  Every goal was scored by someone different on the night as senior's Carter Joyce, Craig Miller, junior Jake Kirby, and sophmore Max Remeyn's each got on the score sheet.  Hamden came out hot taking the lead early in the first period, but Carter Joyce was able to come back with a fast response scoring midway through the first.  Hamden would then take the lead once again, only to have it equalized by junior Jake Kirby.  The Wave would then finally take the lead thanks to the skills of senior captain Craig Miller.  Late into the third period the battle between the two powerhouses would climax, and it surely did finish in fashion.  Hamden was able to get another goal, making the score 3-3, until sophmore Max Remeyn fired one past the rather short 5'6 Hamden goalie, making the score 4-3 Darien.  In the dying seconds Hamden pulled their goalie to add an extra forward on the ice, and with around 3 seconds left in the game, senior Will Massie pulled off possibly the best save of the year to preserve Darien the 4-3 victory.  After the game, senior captain Jack Pardue said, "The first game is always important as it sets a tone for the rest of the season.  Hamden definitly came ready to play and were wearing us down in the first period, but we came together and got the W."  Next up for Darien is Fairfield Prep, who dare come down to Darien Ice Rink this Saturday at 4:00pm.              
Senior Craig Miller punches the "that was easy" button after scoring.  ©DAF

Darien Varsity Girls Hockey Drowns the Rams 8-3

By Anthony DiMeglio
So far this year, the wave has scored 23 goals in 3 games, outscoring their opponents 23-4.  Something that really stands out is the many weapons the girls team carries.  Against New Canaan seven different Darien players scored including, Seniors Sammy Nielsen, Julia Arrix, Christy Conley, and Juniors Georgia Cassidy (2), Marissa Baker, Cassidy Schiff, and Schuyler Van Den Broek.  The Wave seemed to catch a break when they continuously kept the New Canaan goalie off balance, leading to easy goals.  

Because of all the magnificent play by the Blue Wave many underclassmen have been given the opportunity to get some playing time against their opponents.  Many of them look up to, and try to follow the footsteps of the senior leaders.  Senior captain Sammy Nielsen added, “It’s always good to beat New Canaan, and the win was a great addition to the start of our season.  Now we just have to keep working hard for the upstate Connecticut competition.”

Good luck to the Girls Hockey team on the rest of their season!
Junior Georgia Cassidy skating during a game last season.  ©DAF

Darien JV Hockey Tops New Canaan 6-4

By Sam Hickey

Last Monday December 15, the Darien Blue Wave junior varsity hockey team took on fierce rivals New Canaan at Stamford Twin Rinks at 3pm. The game was a high scoring one with ten goals scored in total, six to Darien and four to New Canaan. New Canaan has always provided intense competition for Darien and that day was no different. The game was also an extremely aggressive one with many penalties being issued to each team, according to sophomore Colby Ravosa “It was a pretty physical game, bodies were flying everywhere”. This game provided no lack of excitement for teams that were usually very strong defensively. But in the end Darien was able to pull through having scored enough goals to pull out the win.

When ask why he thought Darien was able to out score New Canaan Colby Ravosa added that “ I think we were able to score so many goals because their goalie couldn’t stop our shots because New Canaan's defense left him wide open to our attacks”.

Come support the JV hockey team at their next game on 12/30/14 at Dorothy Hamill Ice Rink.
Stamford Twin Rinks before the game.

The Varsity Softball Team is Already Gearing up for Its Season

By Erinn Ravosa
Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Darien High School’s Varsity Softball team lifts weights in DHS’ weight room; the team’s goal is to get in shape and build muscle before their season starts. These workout sessions last for an hour and half and will continue to the start of February break. The team is also working on hitting and pitching twice a weeknight; this schedule become more intense as the winter progresses. When asked about the team, senior captain Rebecca Demaio said, “As a program we have a really important season coming up with great potential and depth. Training in the offseason helps get our team into shape, and that’s essential to winning championships.”

As Demaio said, the softball team is already focusing on winning championships. Last year, the team lost to St. Joseph High School in the FCIAC final and went on to lose the state tournament. These were both big upsets, and the team is hoping to redeem itself in the upcoming season. For the amount of work each player is putting into the offseason, they might just get their wish.
Some of the action that took place last year vs Westhill.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Blue Wave Football’s Season Comes to a Close

By Bridget Hannigan
This past Saturday, the Blue Wave faced off against the New Canaan Rams in West Haven for the CIAC Class L- Large Championship. This match-up is not an unfamiliar one, the Blue Wave plays New Canaan every year for the Turkey Bowl, and this year for the FCIAC and State Championships as well. Darien beat New Canaan this past Thanksgiving for the FCIAC Championship in overtime 28-21. Going into the game this past Saturday, news outlets favored New Canaan. Varsity outside linebacker said Britton Barthold, “We didn’t really listen to the media about who was predicted to win this game, after all they had predicted that New Canaan would win the Turkey Bowl”. Among thousands of fans the Blue Wave destroyed New Canaan in the first half, 20-7. During the third and fourth quarter New Canaan made a comeback, finishing the game 21-20 New Canaan. Darien finished with an undefeated regular season, Turkey Bowl bragging rights, and the FCIAC title. We, at Neirad, congratulate everyone on the team for an amazing season and wish the recruited seniors the best of luck for their future seasons.
The Superfans at the game. ©DAF

Girls Basketball Trumps Norwalk in First Home Game of the Season

By Mary Brown
On Friday December 12th, the Darien Girls Basketball team took on Norwalk in their first home game of the season. The game was truly a battle until the end, coming down to the last few seconds for the Blue Wave.

Darien dominated through most of the first half, holding the lead and going into halftime with a score of 27-21. At the start of the second half, junior Emily Coyle came out strong with a three pointer to keep the wave rolling.

In the fourth quarter, Norwalk was able to catch up to Darien, tightening the score and making every basket count. With 25 seconds left on the clock and the Blue Wave leading with a score of 53-52, senior Kendra Fitzpatrick was sent to the free throw line. She made one of two shots, giving Darien a slightly more comfortable lead of 54-52. The girls played hard defense for the remaining seconds of the game and held Norwalk to a final score of 54-52.

“I think that it was really important to win our home opener to set the stage for the rest of the season and prove that even though we might be the under dogs in a lot of our games, we are certainly not a team to take lightly,” said junior Kaeleigh Morrill.

Come support the girls in their next home game at DHS on Wednesday December 17th at 5:30 against Westhill!
Senior Kate Richter dribbles the ball in a 2013 season game. (DAF)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Darien vs New Canaan State Championship Preview

By Anthony Dimeglio
On Saturday, December 13th (12.13.14) Darien (12-0) will take on rival New Canaan (10-1) in the Class L Large Championship Game. West Haven High School’s Strong Stadium will be flooded with fans and press for this game.  This game is without a doubt the most anticipated game of the day, and debatably the most of the year.  This game between two elite teams will be the game to watch Saturday morning.  It was top 10 most exciting games in the nation on Thanksgiving according to Maxpreps.  The only loss between the two teams was suffered on Thanksgiving Day, in an 27-21, overtime victory by Darien over New Canaan.

Darien came to play last Saturday as they gave Naugatuck a 42-12 beating in the Semi-Final playoff game while rival New Canaan came out strong in the beginning, but like the turkey bowl, lost it towards the end of the game. Lucky for them they were still able to pull off the victory against a very good Wethersfield team 27-14.

Will New Canaan avenge the Thanksgiving loss for the second straight year?  Last year New Canaan came out hot against Darien on Turkey Day but ended up losing.  In the State Championship however, they did not look back beating Darien 44-12.  Will history repeat itself?
“Certainly not a game to miss”, said senior running back Pete Archey.  “Last year we did the same thing in the turkey bowl to them and shocked everyone in the stadium.  Then unfortunately they beat us in the State ship, but we are well prepared for tomorrow and are definitely not ready to let them come out and stomp all over us. It’ll be a tight game, and were ready to do whatever it takes to beat those guys.”

Darien is the favorite to win this one, so show your support and be there.
Roll Wave.
Fans rushing field after winning the FCIAC Championship

Thursday, December 11, 2014

11/12 House Basketball Ranking 10/11

By Britton Barthold
Before we start, I would like to acknowledge the fact that almost every team on Wednesday night could barely put five players on the court. A lot of players were missing, so these rankings are bound to change Monday night. It is hard to judge a team that missed so many players, meaning there is a chance that #1 this week will be #6 next week. Who knows, but we are sure to get a good look at the league on Sunday. So if you see something you do not agree with, don’t freak out.

1.     Heat [1-0]
The Heat opened their season with a blowout against a Celtics squad that was missing a lot of pieces. The Heat really did not care about the weakness of their opponents, as they came out fast and finished the night with 52 points. The team has some legitimate talent that will make them a threat, as the Klingman twins always provide solid play, while seniors Michael Maccarone and Davis Nixon provide experience in the backcourts along with a strong ability shoot the long ball. Senior TJ Adiletta brings a plethora of swagger to the Heat, and junior dark horse Lee Gardella brings a solid offensive attack with him. The team lacked a true big man during Wednesday's contest, but that should not be a problem with the arrival of senior Sam Bowtell on Sunday. The team was able to open strong, but we should be able to get a real look at the Heat this Sunday when they play a complete team.

2.     Cavaliers [1-0]
            The Cavaliers roared into league play Wednesday night by scoring a league high 58 points against the Bulls. The Cavs did not have senior Dylan Cunningham to help down in the paint, but the team has enough size with the senior duo of Matt Pettit and Phil Rech. Along with that, the team has three-point threat Michael Parsley along with junior PK Brannigan, who brings some real intensity to House ball. The team was able to get out early against a short Bulls team, and rocketed into winning position by the start of the second half. With the team’s ability to shoot at the perimeter along with some incredible senior size, the team could make a jump to #1 with a big win Sunday.

3.     Jazz [1-0]
            The Jazz are one of the oldest teams in the league, fielding six seniors to three juniors. And with that, comes a good advantage. The team’s talent starts off with seniors Matt Sherwood and three-point specialist Anthony Dimeglio, and is complemented by senior big man Julien Noujaim. I honestly don’t think big man is the correct way to describe this kid. He is a giant in the paint who draws defenses to him, allowing the perimeter shooting of Dimeglio to take place. On the other side, junior twins Scott and David Voigt will team with junior Jack McCann for the second year in a row in hopes of winning back-to-back championships. The team looks well rounded enough to make a case for a championship run, and as the season progresses, we might see the picture get a little clearer.

4.     Suns [1-0]
The Suns come into this year with one of the most well rounded teams in the league. To start, the team has two very dynamic guards in Conor Davey and Charlie Burke, both who can drive to the basket or pull up from mid-range with ease. The team also finds talent in junior Danny O’Boyle, who recently made the jump from Varsity to House. Welcome to the big leagues kid. The team also welcomes House newcomer Peter Grant, and has one of House’s most interesting players in Spencer Stovall. It keeps getting better though, as the team also has last years 9/10 House Sportsmanship Award winner, Brendan Seiler. The team has one of the best offensive attacks in the league, but questions could arise about the team’s ability to play defense. They played in the closest game on Wednesday, so the team looks to improve during Sunday’s game when football players Ryan Murray, Peter Grant and Spencer Stovall arrive on the scene. 

5.     Nuggets [1-0]
            The Nuggets were able to pull-off an emotional win without former Varsity star Hudson Hamill (once again, welcome to the big leagues), as the teams overall talent and size carried them to a close win. Senior Alex Hager should provide some good work in the paint and on the boards to compliment the speed and skill of Hamill. However, the shout out goes to Senior James Fox who unfortunately suffered a serious injury during Wednesday’s game. However, as he suffered the injury, Fox was heroically able to pull off the shot and make it. What looks like the unfortunate end to Fox’s House career will always be remembered by the highlight of the points scored. I think they will make the next Rudy from this story.

6.     Mavericks [1-0]
            Alright, so they won because the other team did not show up. Well, a win is a win, but by the looks of it, this team could make a huge jump in the rankings after Sunday’s games. The team is one of the biggest in the league, being led by senior rebounding monster Jack Garfield and senior Charlie Travers, who does absolute work when it comes to House. The team also has senior Brian Walsh, who brings a major threat in the backcourt for this team, and will probably be looking to feed Garfield and Travers down in the paint. The team is looking forward to the arrival of Garfield and Travers on Sunday, in what should be a realistic look on how this team will be for the rest of the year.

7.     Knicks [0-1]
The Knicks will probably be one of the most interesting teams this year, as the team is coached by George Reed, who will look to bring his knowledge from on the court to the whiteboards on the sidelines. The team itself is pretty well rounded, as they have senior sharpshooter Calvin Crosby hunting on the perimeter along with junior big man Dolan Gregorich controlling the paint. Junior Mark Schmidt also provides the ability to drive in the lane, which should help with Gregorich moving defenses in and out of the box. The team suffered a nine-point loss on Wednesday, but Reed says it was due to the absence of Gregorich and junior twins Bobby and Christian Trifone. With the arrival of the Trifone’s in the backcourt and Gregorich in the paint, we should be provided with some pretty entertaining basketball for the remainder of the season.

8.     Bulls [0-1]
            Undeniably the youngest team in the league, the team only has one senior, who of course is the legendary Jack Feeley. The juniors on the team round out well however, as Sean Edgar provides solid defense while the Drake twins provide shooting on the outside. The team’s offense will look to Jamie Schofield, who brings a lot of speed and ability to the court. Along with that is Jack Wells, whose ability in the paint will help this team tremendously. The team struggled to score Wednesday night however, as the student athletes Matt and Chris Drake had an academic commitment along with the absence of senior leader Jack Feeley. We should get another true look at this team on Sunday.

9.     Wizards [0-1]
            The Wizards were able to keep their game close on Wednesday night, even without star junior Colin Minicus. The team finds its’ talent from seniors Tyler and Drew Constantino, while also finding major help from junior Andrew Mathew. I want to see Mathew dunk on someone this year… I know he can do it. The team lacks size, as Mathew is the team’s only tall threat, but Mathew finds much of his work outside of the paint. The team will look to rely on the speed and ability of Minicus and senior Danny Siemers while also looking for help from the Constantino twins. The team only lost by six against a talented Suns roster, so do not be surprised if the team rises in the rankings in the coming weeks.

10.  Nets [0-1]
            The Nets were unable to find a groove scoring on Wednesday night, which resulted in their lose to the Nuggets. The team has some good talent in senior Stephen Barston, who has a solid big man in Jack Duggan to pass to down low. The team also has some help on the perimeter with junior Dylan Griffin, along with private schoolers Jay Van Eslander and Conor Raymond. The team was lacking size Wednesday, as junior Andrew Clarke and his bush on top of his head were not able to make it to the game. The team hopes to find some work in the paint too with the arrival of senior Jack “The White Chocolate Wonder” Griffiths during Sunday’s afternoon games.

11.  Lakers [0-1]
            Unfortunately, the team had to forfeit since three of their players happen to be football players along with another player not showing up, causing them to be so low in the rankings this week. However, that does not mean this team cannot be deadly. The team starts it’s talents off with reigning 9/10 House MVP Timmy Graham and his fascinating facial hair along with powerful senior guard Daniel Traver. The team also has a defensive stud in Tyler Grant, whose speed and agility makes it hard for opposing guards to get in the lane. The team also finds talent in seniors Colin Cochran and John Mackie, with Mackie providing size while Cochran provides outside shooting for the team. So yeah, they seem a little low in the rankings since they failed to show up to their game, but they should rise fairly quickly in the coming weeks.

12.  Celtics [0-1]

            It is early, but senior Peter Archey did not seem happy with his team’s performance on Wednesday night. Unfortunately, the team was missing Archey due to football commitment, but the team should be able to rely on junior big man Aidan Coyle and his brother Brian Coyle. The team also has a dynamic guard in Jack Murray along with defensive specialist Sam Giorgio. Even though the team seemed to play well, Archey was critical of their ability in the paint, and went on about it all. I stopped listening. Anyway, the team should be able to get into a groove with the return of Archey and Giorgio during Sunday’s afternoon slate of games.

Monday, December 8, 2014

A Guide to this years 11/12 House Basketball Power Rankings

By Britton Barthold

Yes fellow juniors, I am back. Seniors, nice to meet you. I will be this years main writer for the House Basketball Power Rankings after doing them for last years 9/10 League, which was to me, a success. Let me just break down how things are going to work. For some reason, I like to write, a lot, which is why the Power Rankings will come out the night after games are played. In simpler terms, when there is a Wednesday game, rankings will come out Thursday night. Luckily for you, we always have Sunday games, so there will be new rankings released every Monday night.  Now one problem I ran into a lot last year was lack of mentions, which led to some death stares in the halls of DHS. Unfortunately, I can't go to every game. Shockingly, I have a life outside of this. To fix this problem though, don't hesitate to frantically contact me via Facebook or some other way after a game to tell me how it went. I welcome that, as it will make my life easier and will probably give you a better chance of being mentioned.  Yes, I do play, but lets be honest, I wasn't the highest draft pick, so the biased opinion towards my team will not occur. Simply put, you will not see "Barthold and the Bulls liquefy opponents." Don't worry, I will keep these rankings as fair as possible. I'm looking forward to getting the season and the rankings started, and if you haven't noticed by now, don't get offended by my sarcasm.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Boy’s House Basketball Preview

By Jake Frasca

December 10th, a date many high school students are familiar with at this point; the opening day of house hoops. The latest buzz around the school coming off the recent football FCIAC Championship win is the release of the rosters this weekend. Team names, along with coaches and players can be found on, so be sure keep checking the website for updates. House hoops provide a competitive, yet relaxed atmosphere of basketball, something that hundreds of Darien High School students are looking for. Played on Wednesdays and Sundays, game times often come at opportune times and give many students something to look forward to in the middle of the week or on a boring Sunday.

On the upcoming house season, senior Danny Siemers mentioned, “I’m really looking forward to my last house season, year after year it keeps getting better. Hopefully this will be our team’s turn to take the championship title.” As relaxed as house ball may seem, the ultimate goal will always remain the championship title. House ball games are not only a thrill to be apart of, but they seem to draw a good amount of fans as well.

Rosters will most likely be released on Sunday, but again be sure to check the website for an early showing on Saturday night. The first game is Wednesday, December 10th, see you there.
Darien YMCA’s new logo, uniforms will feature a different style number. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Blue Wave Hockey Beats NC in Fall Final

by James Fox

Last Monday night at Terry Connor’s Rink in Stamford, Darien’s Varsity Boys Hockey Team took on New Canaan in the conclusion of their fall league play, beating its rival with a final score of 2-1.  New Canaan scored first with a power-play goal ten minutes into the first period, after senior Aidan Loh was sent to the box on a holding penalty.  The score stayed 1-0 through the second period due to the strong starting defense of both lineups.  Finally in the third period senior Carter Joyce, arguably one of the top prospects for this year, managed to put one in the back of the net, assisted by senior defender Nick Tuz.  Later, with only seconds left in the game, senior captain Craig Miller scored off a deflection, securing Darien’s Victory.

When asked about the game, defender Aidan Loh said, “Although we left with a W, we need to improve our play as a team if we want to have success in the regular season.

With this win, Wave Puck is looking forward to another successful season.
  You can catch the team’s home opener on December 17 at Darien Ice Rink against Hamden.

Senior Aidan Loh watches Owen Koorbusch score against
New Canaan during last season's regular season action.

Darien overcomes 21-point deficit; beats New Canaan to win FCIAC Championship

By Britton Barthold
For the third consecutive year, the Darien High School football team won its annual Thanksgiving Day game against arch-rival New Canaan by a score of 28-21. This year was different though, as the game was also for the FCIAC Championship, meaning the two teams would play each other for the title for the first time since 2008.

Darien entered the game as underdogs even though they held a higher ranking, as many believed that the Blue Wave would collapse without star defensive end George Reed. It seemed that way early, as New Canaan was able to grab a 21-0 lead going into the end of the first half. The season seemed doomed. but the “Cardiac Kids” managed to score on a Timmy Graham pass to bring them within 14 heading into the half. Darien received the ball to start, but turned it over on only the second play, further dooming hopes of the Darien faithful. However, Darien’s defense was able to withstand the powerful Ram attack, and with a few magical catches from seniors Will Hammernick (five catches for 69 yards) and Todd Herget (six catches for 87 yards), the Blue Wave tied the game at 21 at the end of regulation. In overtime, the Blue Wave received the ball first, and junior Hudson Hamill found senior Griffin Ross for the game-winning touchdown. New Canaan however had a chance to tie the game, but those dreams were crushed when junior Bobby Trifone picked off a pass that cemented the game as one of the greatest comebacks in Connecticut football history. After the post-game celebration, juniors Hudson Hamill and Tim Graham were named MVPs, and Darien was presented with the Coaches Memorial Trophy for the third year in a row.

Darien will look to use its FCIAC Championship momentum heading into this Saturdays state semi-final game that will be held at Darien High School, marking the first time the school will host a state football game.

Todd Herget making a difficult and crucial catch.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Freshmen Football Beats NC

By Ford Thompson
On Thursday November 20, freshman football won their final game of the season making them the first frosh ball team in five years to go undefeated! "It felt great!" said cornerback Lucas Thompson, "even though it's frosh ball and not many people care about it, it meant something to us."

The game started off with The Rams receiving the ball first, but on the fourth play of the game, Ethan Dewbrey intercepted the ball on a pass. Darien was then stuck at a certain point in the field until Nick Green launched a big pass to Tanner Strub and put Wave in a scoring position.
Max Grant scored the first two touchdowns and Andrew Darby scored the third right before half time.  The game was one to remember because of the team’s new record; giving this freshman team a sense of notoriety and pride. Congrats Boys!
The offense in a huddle.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Plaque is Back: Blue Wave Field Hockey Wins Class L State Title for Third Year in a Row

By Mary Brown
On Saturday November 15th, the Blue Wave Field Hockey team fought hard through a double overtime battle to tie Glastonbury, the number one seed and walk away as co-champions. The CIAC rules state that if the score is a tie after the sixty minute regulation time, the teams continue on to a ten minute sudden death overtime when the first team to score wins the game. If the score is still a tie after the first overtime the game continues on to a second ten minute overtime. If the game is still a tie after the second overtime, the game remains a tie and the teams are co-champions, and that was the circumstance this past Saturday.

Most people who attended the game can agree that the score does not at all reflect the game that was played. Darien dominated most of the game, rarely letting it into their defensive half. At halftime, the score remained 0-0 and it was not until a few minutes into the second half when Glastonbury was able to score on a corner.

The Wave did not let up, and senior Kyla Johns was able to put one in on a corner to tie the game at 1-1. This was the first goal scored on Glastonbury all season, an amazing achievement for Darien. “Although it ended as a tie, the fact that we scored the first and only goal on them all season made it feel like more of a win for us” said junior Georgia Cassidy.

Through the total twenty minutes of overtime, the Blue Wave truly gave it all they had and left it all on the field. Junior Marissa Baker had a phenomenal game and was incredibly close to making a sliding tip assisted by Cassidy in the final seconds, but it just did not go their way.

The team is more than excited to bring the plaque back, making this the third Class L title in a row. The girls had an amazing season and with a final record of 15-4-1, they are nothing but proud of their final results.  
The team celebrates their championship title after the game. 

North Haven Leaves In A Trail of Tears

By Bridget Hannigan
Although the FCIAC Championship title hopes lay elsewhere in the state, Darien still had to win in order to qualify.  It was thought the other game would be a distraction, but the Blue Wave had only one thing in mind, and that was dominating the Indians.  This game was considered to be a state game, as both teams needed the win to advance to the state tourney.  Junior Shelby Grant opened up the game with a 78 yard run to make the score 7-0.  After a quick 3 and out by North Haven, Darien pounded the ball down the field, as Junior Timmy Graham connected with Junior Hudson Hammill for a 9 yard touchdown.  At the beginning of the second half, Senior Timmy Lochtefeld ran in for a two yard touchdown.  To add the the Indians pain, Junior Bobby Trifone intercepted North Haven for an 80 yard pick six.  The final score ended as 31-0, as the Darien's defense rarely allowed North Haven to advance into their territory.  Senior Timmy Lochtefeld said after the game, "A lot of people thought that we would be distracted by the St. Joe's and Brein McMahon game since that game determined weather or not we went went to the FCIAC Championship, but our minds were solely focused on North Haven, and the scoreline reflects that."
Junior Shelby Grant splits the North Haven defense.  ©DAF

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Girls Cross Country Captains Announced for Next Year

By Caroline McKay
On November 12th, the Girls Cross Country team held its 39th end-of-season banquet. After one final pasta dinner and a smile-filled slideshow, the captains gave their speeches and the coaches handed out hard-earned awards. Finally, the 2015 season captains were announced. They are four are juniors who ran varsity this year: Kristen Mayhew, Sarah LeHan, Sammee Mazzone, and Nicole Caputo. The previous captains were completely unaware of who was voted until they were handed a slip of paper with the names on it to be read out loud.

"Our captains are always a surprise for us as well, and when I heard who they were I was thrilled. I think they really represent BWXC. They are motivated, passionate, committed, and willing to do what it takes to be successful. I'll definitely be keeping up to date with their season next year and I expect big things!" senior Anne Johnston, previous captain of the Cross Country team and captain of the Outdoor Track team, said. Senior Sam Savage, also a captain this past season, added, “All of them have awesome attitudes towards the team and they're all really dedicated which they showed through this season through their training and by being good teammates.”

According to senior Erica Osherow, who led the team this year, the girls are “not only amazing runners but also just great girls to lead the team.” Senior Kate Halabi highly approves of the girls who are taking over her position. “Although this year was Sammee Mazzone’s first season of XC, she brought speed and enthusiasm from Indoor and Outdoor Track,” Halabi said. “Sarah LeHan was a top 7 varsity runner this year, and competed in New England’s.” Nicole Caputo “improved a ton this season” and “brings energy to the team.” Kristen Mayhew was unable to run for most of the season, “but is a formidable track athlete,” Halabi said.

“I'm really excited to get to know some of the underclassmen better next year because we have some great potential. Everyone is so enthusiastic about the sport and that's what makes every practice worth going to! Next year is going to be another record breaking season for BWXC,” junior Kristen Mayhew said. Junior Sarah LeHan said she is “honored to be chosen as a leader of such a truly magnificent team.” Cross Country is a sport like no other in its sense of community. The fact that we so welcome everyone and create an environment that inspires both hard work and spontaneity attracts not only some of the nicest people but also the most fun.” On continuing the legacy, LeHan says she is “ecstatic” and “can’t wait to see what new—and newly improved returning—faces will add to our team.” She added, “we have high expectations” and “the training starts now!”
Best of luck to the Girls Cross Country team next season!
Seniors (left to right) Kate Halabi, Lindsey Holek, Erica Osherow, Sam Savage, and Anne Johnston stand with next year’s captains, (left to right) Nicole Caputo, Kristen Mayhew, Sammee Mazzone, and Sarah LeHan.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge: DHS Dodgeball Tournament a Success

By Claire Borecki
On November 14th, the DHS student council held its annual dodge ball tournament, with solid attendance by many teams of all classes and genders. The enthusiasm of the teams was palpable, with whoops and cheers of support during every game. There were also many heated arguments with Mr. Buckley over false starts and mistakes in timing the games. Mr. Buckley always had the final say, but it was clear these teams were not going to accept losses too easily.

Team names were surprisingly creative, including but not limited to The Freshman Girls (who were all senior guys) R Kelly, White Goodman’s Leadership Academy, Auntie Fee’s Sweet Treats, Average Daddies (a pun on one of the team member’s nickname) and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Costumes were spectacular (and intimidating), with spider-man outfits, all black muscle tees, all black with classy pink bandanas, and even Christmas-themed attire.

In the semifinals, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch played the Average Daddies while Auntie Fee’s played R Kelly. It was easy to see who dominated in these games, however, and it was no surprise when the finals came down to the Average Daddies vs. Auntie Fee’s. The final game was all male, with the Average Daddies all sophomores and Auntie Fee’s all upperclassmen. Maybe it was added age, testosterone or just plain talent, but Auntie Fee’s played their way (with several spectacular synchronized throws) to a victory. Senior and student council rep Katy Murphy commented, “It was a really great turnout with a lot of enthusiasm- and I hope Auntie Fee’s enjoys their concert tickets!”
One of the teams in action.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Historic Season Comes to an End for Boys Varsity Soccer

By Kyra Hammer
On Tuesday, November 11, the Boys Varsity Soccer team traveled to West Haven to take on Glastonbury. The Blue Wave started out really strong in the first half and the beginning of the second but started to lose steam after that. There were three goals throughout the whole game and they all belonged to Glastonbury. The goals were spaced out pretty evenly with the first goal being scored in the first half, the second at the beginning of the second half, and the third scored right at the end of the game. Junior and goalie Liam Rischmann was determined during the game and saved a lot of shots, however, three got past him. The boys did not give up and continued to fight to the end. Juniors Andrew Matthew and Hunter Kooyman, as well as seniors John Mackie and Henrik Stockinger were stand outs during this important game. Senior Kai Bjornstad, a key player for the team, was not able to play due to a last minute injury. The team has worked very hard this season and it has been reflected in their accomplishments. “The game doesn’t reflect the brilliant season we had. We broke records and made history and nothing and no one can take that away from us. I hope we earned the respect that the soccer program deserves. The team, managers, and fans were amazing and all played a big role in this season’s success”, said senior captain Henrik Stockinger.

A big shout out goes to the students who took the hour-long journey and attended the game. They came loud and proud with their homemade posters.  Unfortunately, Glastonbury won 3-0 and advances on to the Class LL finals. The boys definitely made Darien High School proud with an outstanding season. Good job boys!
Junior Liam Richmann saves a goal attempt in the semifinal game.  © The Stamford Advocate