Monday, October 22, 2018

Girls JV Season At An End: Varsity to Advance to Postseason

Megan Streeter

Girls Varsity Soccer took home a 5-1 win against Norwalk High School on Monday, a refreshing improvement after their recent string of losses. The girls JV team also took home a win, completing their season on a high note. Junior Brianna Lyons praised the JV team, saying, “We passed the ball quite well, and our shots were on target.” While the Varsity team is moving on into postseason, it’s time for the JV girls to hang up the towel. “I will miss this team a lot”, says Lyons.
JV team spirit, courtesy of DAF

Tune in Thursday to see the Varsity team play Staples, and track their process here or via the Darien Athletic Association.

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