Wednesday, November 7, 2018

New Canaan Beats Darien 1-0

Brianna Lyons

On October 9, 2018, Darien lost to New Canaan. It was a hard fought battle, unfortunately, the outcome was not ideal. The team lost 1-0, but they did not give up till the very last whistle, ending the game.

The Darien High School Varsity team fought till the very end on the field. With New Canaan being Darien’s biggest rival, it came as no shock that the team came out ready to play. Unfortunately, the Rams came out as energetic as Darien, and started the game off very strong. Darien held their ground throughout the first half. Unfortunately, during the second half New Canaan slipped pass Darien scoring a goal making the score 1-0.

“We fought as hard as we could. We worked really hard and never stopped playing," says freshman Alexis Lyons.

The Junior Varsity team also lost against New Canaan. Just like the Varsity team, the Jv team fought through the entire game. The whistle was blown and the game began with Darien keeping the ball in New Canaan’s half for most of the first quarter. Unfortunately, New Canaan broke the barriers of the strong defensive line of Darien and scored. The end score of the game was 3-2 New Canaan.

Courtesy Darien Athletic Foundation

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