Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wave Football Falls to Staples

By Justin Yang

 The long awaited game had finally arrived on Saturday, October 27th at 1:30 pm with Darien Blue Wave vs. Staples Wreckers.  People filled the stands at Darien High School, as the Blue Wave was ready to rise up to the challenge especially with the successful return of Senior Captain Peter Gesualdi in last week’s game where they dismantled Wilton with a score of 34-7.  Their spirits were high and the time was just right to face the undefeated Staples.  Will this be enough to overcome high-flying Staples?
During the first half of the game, Staples dominated.  They started off with a touchdown right off the bat and soon after three more followed.  Even though this would’ve discouraged any team, Darien kept fighting back and finally responded with a touchdown pass to Senior Captain Ian Vanderhorn.  This ended the first half with a score of 28-7 Staples.

Although Staples controlled the first half, Darien started to build up their momentum.  Senior Captain Henry Baldwin threw three successful touchdown passes, which included a pass to Vanderhorn, a 53-yard pass to Gesualdi, and a 49-yard pass to Junior Nick Lombardo, but was this enough to beat the undefeated Staples?  Unfortunately no.  It was already too late to catch up with the Wreckers who also gained 5 more touchdowns.  The game ended with an upsetting loss of 63-28 Staples.

Overall, the game wasn’t as competitive as everyone expected to be.  I believe that Darien hasn’t performed as well as they should have defensively and offensively.  There were many holes to the defense where many receivers slipped through and the offensive line could not hold back Staples’ defense thoroughly which led to some incomplete passes by the quarterback since he was rushed. 

Anyway, you have to make mistakes in order to succeed so better luck next time!

Photo Caption: Senior Captain Ian Vanderhorn runs with the ball after a 39-yard pass to score a touchdown.  Photo credit to MSG Varsity.

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