Monday, March 31, 2014

Erika Osherow Commits for College

by Lindsey Holek

Erika Osherow, a softball prodigy at Darien High School, has had numerous successes in her athletic career.  After playing softball for the majority of her life, Osherow recently decided to pursue her passion by committing to the University of Virginia, starting her freshman year of college in the fall of 2015, a decision that came after a short recruitment process.

Osherow began playing softball in third grade, after playing baseball up until then.  After some fear that she may not experience the same love for softball as baseball, she soon learned that that would not be a problem.  Osherow realized that her love of softball was the same and it became one of her greatest passions.  “Softball is an amazing sport that teaches you not only about the game but about yourself.  It is a sport filled with challenges and successes, excitement and anticipation, strategies and thinking, and concentration,” Osherow said.  Osherow loves the feeling of a team sport where everyone has to contribute individually in order for the team to succeed, and can’t wait to continue this sport into college.

Osherow plays shortstop and is also a pitcher.  As a pitcher, Osherow “loves having command of the game and each new obstacle every inning/batter brings”.  For the recruitment process, Osherow did not do much traveling.  “I loved UVa when I visited.  I was really looking for a place that held high values for both academics and athletics without sacrificing the other,” Osherow added.  Congratulations to Erika Osherow for such great successes throughout her athletic career at DHS!

Osherow pitching during a high school game in 2012.

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